There is a lot of life being lived by the Geylings these days.  Max has a full week of finals, music juries, auditions for next year and packing during this last week on campus before summer break, Wilson finished up all his coursework and is reveling in all the senior fun to be had these last couple of days before his graduation and Olivia is play-off bound!  We’re hoping the girls advance on Thursday so the boys can come to the semi-finals next Tuesday :).  Olivia was given a special honor by the SB Athletic Round Table yesterday voting her as the female athlete of the week.






Again, her success is a reflection of her amazing team as a whole and we look forward to cheering on the DP Lady Laxers in the first play-off round at DP this Thursday, 6pm.

Wilson has had a full calendar of events including the Veterans’ Graduation Banquet and annual military ball…


Veterans’ Graduation Ceremony Comments

Wilson was awarded the saber at the ball for his leadership.

…and playing with kids on campus!  Ha, Ha




Awww, that warms my heart!

As for me and Rolf, we sit back and gleefully observe all the goings on.  Rolf works doubly hard to make sure I’m able to participate as I’m physically able and I’m forever grateful.  The weakness in my arms and trunk is growing as is my dependency on others.  😦   A trip to the pulmonologist last week revealed my need for some breathing support.  I’ll wait to share more once I receive the machine and am trained on how to use it.  It’s a disappointing development but there is far too much fun happening to be too melancholy about it.  We’ve got to strike while the iron is hot and embrace all there is to celebrate right now…so much to celebrate!



9 thoughts on “Life

  1. This one brought tears. All kinds of mixed up tears. Holding you close always, even without seeing you. So many lovely things. So many hard things. Life, in a sweet/bitter nutshell, eh? Lots of love.

  2. Oh precious Trish…So many wonderful accomplishments with Wilson, Max & Olivia!!! So proud of each of them. Rolf continues to be the wonderful husband, Dad and sweet friend. I Love them all dearly. We continue to pray for you each Tuesday at my office during our 10:30 am prayer time. You are so dear to so many!!!

    Wilson’s speech to the Veteran’s was personal and relevant! What a fine young man.

    Thank you for including us in these details. The world becomes a little smaller and seems closer as you pas on these days and accomplishments to us.

    You continue to amaze me with your devotion and your zeal
    for life.

    I love you dearly. 😘🥰💖

  3. I love how you are embracing it all with all your celebrating energies!!! Your kids are so blessed to have such supportive parents!!! Love you guys ….. and thinking about and praying for you many times a day…

    1. Praying for you all….so thankful you have many things to celebrate though. May God give you grace to continue to rejoice in the midst of suffering.

  4. Thank you Trish for sharing your love of Life, Joy, love for your kids and Rolf! God continues to use you to encourage and strengthen all of us. Praying for you daily. Jeanette

  5. Great picture of you two. Love hearing about the kids. Such preciuos gifts from our Heavenly Father. Love, Cousin Dianna

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