Quadruple Overtime!!!!

That’s right folks!  Yesterday’s game against Thatcher went into QUADRUPLE OVERTIME!!  It was another heart-stopping, nail-biting game…Thatcher started the game strong scoring two goals right off the bat.  DP fought back to tie it 2-2 and then the two engaged in a back and forth battle with DP pulling ahead at the end of the second half.  Thatcher got a shot on goal with 2.6 SECONDS left on the clock to tie it up 5-5 sending the game into  4 overtimes until Brooke Essig’s sudden death, game winning goal!  (PC Greg Lawler)

Livy’s approach…


1 of 4 goals for the day.


Brooke’s game winning goal!
Phew! A happy (albiet winded) celebration!


One thing that amazes me is the girls’ ability to keep their cool in tough games like this one…not something I seem to be able to do and I’m just sitting there!!!  😉  Well done League Champs!






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