Summer 2017

Woo Hoo!  Summer vacation is finally here for Rudy.  Yesterday was Rudy’s last day of the “Extended School Year” program AND his last day of therapy for a few weeks which means today is his first official unscheduled summer day!  It also coincides with Max and Olivia’s return from camp which is very exciting for all of us…they’ve been missed a ton this week!  😉

Although Rudy likes school and enjoys his full, active days, it’s good for us to take this break from everything every year (I even try to limit the number of dr. appts scheduled this month).  Taking August off from Rudy’s regular schedule is something that has evolved over the years – part of pacing ourselves for the marathon – and it has served us well.   Rudy heads back refreshed (me too) and eager to start the school year again.  We’ll resume his weekly OT/PT schedule when school starts on August 23rd.

July has included a couple of big events that have been concerning and distracting…making it hard to focus on the daily “to dos” and filling our minds…but it has also been filled with a variety of special occasions and visits with friends filling our hearts so I guess it all evens out in the end.  😉

Here’s a pictorial review:

July started off with the annual 4th of July celebration at the rescue mission…a family favorite event!
PC: Dale Weber
Love this! Thanks Dale
Waiting for the fireworks…from across the street because we’re too cheap to pay for the park entry! Ironically, though, another family favorite tradition!!! Happy Birthday America!!!
July 5th marked the 10 year anniversary of our move to Santa Barbara…celebrated with Max at work with the Kyle’s Cookie Pie!! YUM!!
Olivia had a fun summer lacrosse season that took her to a handful of tournaments in southern California. Thanks to social media, she had a special visit during one of those tourneys from good friends Ruben and Marit who live in No Cal but happened to be in So Cal! So sweet!!!
Lacrosse banquet with big bro.
Next up? Vacation Bible School at our church…one of Rudy’s favorite places to be filled with some of hi favorite people. 😉
Super Hero Rudy
One of my favorite things this summer has been the opportunity to partner with the big sibs in music…Olivia joined the Sunday morning worship team lineup at church…
…and it was great fun to have Wilson and Max home to join us at the rescue mission graduation last week! Not to sound overly dramatic but it is one of my greatest joys at this stage in my life.
The Whittier fire broke out in the hills above Goleta a couple of weeks ago. Our hearts have been heavy for the neighborhoods evacuated and friends affected. We were visiting friends in the canyon below the day it broke out. This was the view from their road when we left that evening…yikes!
We only had ash and smoke to contend with at our house…Rolf found some fresh air out on the water. 🙂

Summer often brings friends to town on their summer vacations and more time to spend with local friends.  There will be more to come before the end of summer but here’s a look at some of our fun with friends so far this month!!!

Summer is also a time to unearth old toys and introduce them to Rudy….hmmmm, whose having the most fun here?
Rudy had a couple of episodes after swimming where he pushed it a little too far and got too cold. A little snuggle time with Olivia warmed him up quick…a little O2 helped too.
The boys have gotten in on the snuggle time too.
Pretty accurate!
Rudy and bus driver David are pretty special buddies…
So grateful to David and Nurse Jessica (and the army of teachers on campus) for keeping Rudy safe at summer school…and making it oh, so fun too! Yay Team Rudy!

And with that, we say goodbye to the 2016/2017 school year and say hello to Summer 2017… “HELLO SUMMER”!

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