Happy Thanksgiving 2016

I’m cuddled up in bed still…getting ready to hit the kitchen for some fun food prep but enjoying the chill in the air and being under the covers.  Rolf is getting ready to go out for his daily paddle and the big kids are still asleep sprawled out on the living room floor after a movie night.  It’s a quiet start to Thanksgiving 2016 and I’m thankful for today…Wilson’s home and we’re looking forward to a fun celebration with friends later this afternoon.

So before things ramp up around here.  I just want to say…Thank you friends!  Thank you for your kindnesses and encouragement.  Thank you for your prayers and support.  Thank you for expressing your love creatively and for being the hands and feet of Christ in the life of a little half heart and his appreciative family.  🙂  We are rich!

Here’s a little glimpse into this weeks riches…

Teacher Tracy speaking Rudy’s love language with the new incentive chart she made him at school.
A quick visit from Nurse Sara and Kayley was a perfect start to Thanksgiving break!…
…as was a trip to Kyle’s Kitchen with Kathy and Carter!
Oh yeah, we’ve made a few stops at K’sK this past week…
The latest being last night!
Honestly, we’re out of control!
But the highlight of yesterday was, by far, the SBRM Thanksgiving feast! An afternoon of yummy food, great music and special guests & volunteers!!! There was a sweet spirit of celebration among us all and Rudy was in heaven…(photo credit Dale Weber)
Serenading Daphanie with big brothers!
Insisting Wilson’s shakers were binoculars!
Joining in on the act!
The Geyling Brother Trio!
Finding his groove with buddy Ric!
Chillin’ some more with Ric and meeting new friends!
(photo credit Dale Weber)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours dear ones!  May today be a reminder of how much you are loved and appreciated!!

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