School Games 2016


Rudy and his classmates enjoyed the annual Special Olympics School Games today.  In past years Rudy hasn’t been a very cooperative participant in the soccer tournament but this year he participated in the wheelchair “Hoccer” competition (a cross between hockey and soccer) and had a blast with teachers Ms. Ochoa, Teresa and Coach Galvan…






This is as good a place as any to take a break!
Fun with Nurse Evelyn…
…and teacher Teresa!

Team Mountain View played hard and finished strong!  All will sleep well tonight!!  Thank you Special Olympics of Southern California for another fun day!!!


2 thoughts on “School Games 2016

  1. I am thankful for Special Olympics also. Even though Tony is high functioning with his disability–he is very proud of his Special Olympic medals and loves to participate. I think that the people who put on the games make all the kids feel “special.”

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