Red Carpets and an Open House

April started off with a visit from Grandma Jo and her two-week visit included some fun highlights for sure, like…

…a fun day with my oldest nephew and his family. Grandma Jo got a little time with her great grands!!!
… a  day trip down to APU to see Wilson and give him a birthday hug in person…he turned 19 on April 9th!! Woo Hoo!!
…a little fun at home too. 😉  Thank you for making the trip Mama!!!

This is an exciting time of year.  With less than 8 weeks of school left in the school year, the calendar is filling up with all kinds of fun events. Rolf and I got to walk the red carpet with Olivia on Friday night at the Hollywood-themed 8th grade Soiree dance…a special tradition for GVJH 8th graders and their parents every year as the 8th graders prepare to graduate and make the big leap to high school.  It’s hard to believe our girl will be an official DP Charger in a few short weeks!!


PC: Greg Lawler

Rolf and I headed to Los Angeles the following evening to attend Camp del Corazon‘s Annual Gala.  We walked our second red carpet in as many days and were honored to share in celebrating this amazing organization!  It was a great evening and so inspiring…as always!


The Dolby Ballroom in Hollywood was filled with celebrities but these are the people with whom we rushed to get pictures…Team Rudy Superstars Dr. Rick and Dr. Dan!!!

Another indicator that the school year is winding down is Open House night at the elementary school!  Rudy was so proud to walk around his classroom and show off his hard work…

Rudy and Rolf with Rudy’s teachers…Miss Avedissian (Special Ed) and Mrs. Gallo (General Ed)
We also stopped in to see Rudy’s Special Ed teacher for next year! Yay Ms. Ochoa!!!
…and 2nd grade General Ed teacher Mr. Latta!!!

There certainly were a lot of smiles tonight at Rudy’s Open House…great joy over all the fun & progress he experienced this year and great anticipation for the year ahead in 2nd grade.  SECOND GRADE!  Amazing!

We’ve had a bit of a heatwave this week which means the pool has been getting some good use…Rudy is usually the first to ask to go in and is growing in his confidence in the water…thanks to Rolf and his pool play:

“Again, Dad. Again!”

Next up?  The Special Olympics on Friday!!!!!  Stay tuned….





2 thoughts on “Red Carpets and an Open House

  1. You are the busiest people I know! ALL great stuff! And when I look at the banner picture and then scroll down to that kid being tossed around the swimming pool? MIRACLE, plain and simple. Wow.

    And I’m wondering if Mr. Latta is related to Jenny Latta Slorah?? We have reconnected in the last few years after knowing each other over 40 years ago in Pasadena. GREAT lady and if this is her son, he is terrific, too.

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