Special Olympics School Games 2016

Rudy and his classmates competed in this year’s Special Olympic School Games today and it was, once again, deeply moving!  Thirty-five schools from California’s Central Coast participated in track and field events at the beautiful SBCC La Playa Stadium.  It was a gorgeous day with some beautiful people.  😉

Events like these are lessons for Rudy in “being a team player” and “embracing the moment…even if you’re not too keen on the activity”!  Ha Ha  Although he has no problem moving with purpose when he wants to, events like the Heart Walk and the Special Olympics are typically NOT those times!  It was a precious time nonetheless and just watching him casually walk around between events was enough to produce a few happy tears!!!

Pictures always tell a better story so here you go…


Olivia skipped school for the morning and joined us in cheering for Rudy and his classmates…
Our friend Kyle was super excited that Olivia was there too. 😉



A pre-parade selfie with Nurse Sara!
Opening Ceremonies
Parade pose!
Rudy’s first event…the 10M assisted walk.
He needed a little coaxing from Coach Galvan…
…but he finished and got a big hug from his teacher Miss A.
Good job Rudy!!!
Walking to the award podium.



Next up? The tennis ball throw.
Rudy’s third event was the 25M assisted walk and although Rolf gave his very best inspirational pep talk, Rudy pulled the old limp leg maneuver and passed.
That’s okay Rudy…you get a big hug anyway!


When all was said and done, Rudy was all smiles and very proud of his Special Olympics swag.

4 thoughts on “Special Olympics School Games 2016

  1. Congrats- That is SO cool Rudy! we are just getting ready to host our big games here at Milton Academy in a couple of weeks…. wish you could come compete here too! 🙂

  2. I always enjoy getting a glimpse into your lives and what your adorable children are doing. Trish, you and Rolf are such an inspiration as you continue to spread the love of Jesus to those around you at times when you may never realize. Also-WAY TO GO RUDY!

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