Extreme Spring Cleaning

Today is the last day of March and I think we can safely say that with the end of March comes the official end to the flood/rebuild/move-in saga!!!  Yay!!!  It’s so good to have our house back and Rudy has had fun the past couple of days rediscovering “his space” and toys that were packed away for three months.  🙂  We had a bit of a delay with the carpet installation a couple of weeks ago.  As a result, it didn’t get installed until last week which put us in the middle of Holy Week.  We were able to get the furniture unpacked right away but that was about it…the family’s schedule was full through Easter so the goal shifted to empty the POD this week…just in time for Gma Jo’s arrival next Monday!

The rebuild delays were frustrating toward the end but it’s certainly wonderful to have a fresh, new half a house at the start of spring (the ultimate in spring cleaning!)…just in time, too, as life ramps up  with all the end of the school year activities just around the corner.

March also included some pretty precious “life moments” for Rudy and the family…particularly surrounding Easter.  Here’s a little recap:

The beginning of March was big for Max as he turned 17 years old AND started the spring Lacrosse season at DP!  Hello Spring!!!

The final step in the rebuild process inspired Olivia’s creativity!  😉

Between the SBRM recovery program graduation and Easter, we’ve had a lot to celebrate with our friends at the Rescue Mission this month and Rudy was happy to be in the middle of it all…

Rudy was very proud to get his own bowl of “soup” during a mid-week visit for dinner with the residents.

The SBRM hosted it’s annual Easter Feast for the homeless on the Thursday of Holy Week…Rudy started out as a greeter with me but quickly found a spot in the middle of the courtyard where great fun was to be had…and where there is never a shortage of attention to be harnessed!

A blessed time with some very special friends…

After the Rescue Mission feast, we stopped at church for a Maundy Thursday tradition that includes a symbolic foot-washing activity.  Olivia sat Rudy down and quietly explained to him how and why we were doing it.  Eager to do what we were doing, Rudy quickly joined in and helped wash all our feet!!!



Easter included a fun visit with Wilson who came home for the weekend!! Yay!!


This week is spring break for Max, Olivia and Rudy but Rudy is flying solo here at home with me and Rolf because Max and Olivia went to Mexico with their youth group to work on a building project and help at an orphanage.  ‘So excited for them but we miss them TONS!

A little spring break fun for Rudy during a lunch date with Dad…


It has been an active month for Rudy.  He ends most days with his head hitting the pillow hard in anticipation of good sleep.  Many nights he doesn’t even make it to the bed…


Play hard.  Live hard.  Sleep hard.  That’s how Rudy rolls and we’re so thankful for the special experiences he so joyfully embraced this month.  This month also included quite a few medical appointments & consultations which serve to reinforce how truly special all the “life stuff” is!!!  Ever so grateful,

4 thoughts on “Extreme Spring Cleaning

  1. So glad that you had the whole family together for Easter and that you are able to move back to “normality!” Enjoy your visit with Grandma Jo!!! Love you guys!!!

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