Practicing Patience

The rebuild after our New Year’s Day flood continues to make progress…it’s actually moving along at a decent pace (thanks to Rolf’s woodworking skills) but projects like these always take longer than is convenient and I’m starting to experience crazy cabin fever requiring me to actively practice patience…I’m more than ready to unpack the POD and get our house put back together again.

The lack of space in our house due to the rebuild has forced Rudy to find creative play space…he found his way into the bathtub the other day and was very proud of himself when I finally found him!!! 🙂

I celebrated my 50th on February 27th and the bday fun lasted all weekend long.  Thanks to Rolf and the big kids, there was a nice balance of family, friends & surprises which made turning fifty pretty awesome!!  I have much to be thankful for at this stage in my life and it just doesn’t seem right to begrudge the aging process so I’m embracing the big 5-0 and praying for patience in that process as well.  😉

With that said, I’m kind of surprised by my delayed reaction to having a child a little later in life.  When Rudy was born, I wasn’t bugged by the fact that I was an older mom…in fact, once I got over the shock of being pregnant again, I welcomed the challenge.  Now, all of a sudden, I’m taken back a bit…in a season where so many of my friends are watching their kids get married and they’re becoming grandparents for the first time, it feels foreign to be 50 and still have a 7 year old.  I know it’s not that big of deal because, more & more, women are having babies in their 40s but there aren’t too many in my circle and I guess it just feels like being an older mom adds an additional spotlight to this milestone bday in particular.  🙂  Not a bad thing…just a unique piece of my puzzle to process.

My birthday weekend started off with pajama day at Rudy’s school!!! He made me chuckle on the ride to school all decked out in his candy stripes.
My Birthday Eve included a visit to the movie theater to see “Eddie the Eagle” with some friends!!! A BIG thanks to the Lawlers who took on Rudy duty! 🙂
February 27th started off with a trip to Santa Maria to watch Max play hockey followed by an impromptu party at Del Taco with hockey friends! Woo Hoo!
We couldn’t resist a quick vista stop on our drive back down the coast…it was such a gorgeous day! Rolf and Livy took advantage of an approaching train to smash some pennies…but retrieving them took some time. 🙂
The best part of the day, however, was having my babies together again! Wilson surprised me by coming home for the day with our good friends from Los Angeles!!! Ahhhh, it did my heart good to have a little family time at one of my favorite restaurants!
Thank you friends!!
Thank you Rolf!

We ended the weekend by attending a Global Leadership Connection Ceremony to support Max and fellow juniors selected from SB area high schools.  It was quite inspiring and I was glad to end my birthday weekend on such an encouraging, hopeful note.

The GLC mission statement – LOVE it.
Classic Max
Can’t believe this boy turns 17 yrs old this week!!!!

Rudy had his annual physical last week.  It was an encouraging visit where Rudy’s general health is concerned.  Rudy’s weight gain in the last 6 months bumped him up to the 25% percentile for his age and his height remains in the 10% percentile.  Dr. Abbott was impressed by Rudy’s developmental progress (especially evident to him in his speech) and the healthy winter Rudy has had so far.  We do need to follow up with the urologist again, however, because of a pesky undescended testicle.  Although the urologist hasn’t felt it necessary to address it in past visits, Dr. Abbott wants it checked out again and corrected at some point.  We see Dr. Harake for a cardiology check up on Friday…not expecting any change there.  It’s a full week with various appointments, Max’s 17th birthday on Thursday and a SBRM graduation on Saturday.  Life is filling up again as we approach the official start to spring!!!  Woo Hoo…Welcome Spring!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Practicing Patience

  1. Yeah….I remember when Rolf taught our kids that train trick 🙂 LOL! Love those PJ’s Rudy!!! Good to hear about his speech and weight progress!!! Remember Duncan in our church? The dear old man remembers Rudy, and was just asking this Sunday how the “Geyling boy” is doing! I had lots of good news to tell him 🙂 Yay God! Glad you’re birthday was not too much of a shock Trish… are SO SO LOVED!

  2. Trish I totally identify with the older Mom comments…esp. with Luci being 19 and I’m 65 and “should be” a grandma, but still trying to help her launch into adulthood. I run out of energy for this girl. But God supplies and gives rest. God is in control though and she helps me to stay young and knowing a lot of contemporary songs I would never know were it not for my involvement with her!! Love you friend!

  3. Happy Birthday Trish!! You are a gorgeous and brilliant 50!!
    Happy Birthday Max!! You are a gorgeous and brilliant 17!!
    Great family genes, just saying. Hugs!

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