February Fun

We said goodbye to our Dodge Caravan last week and welcomed a new-to-us Toyota Sienna into the family…after multiple repairs and a few thousand dollars, it was clear the caravan was on it’s last leg and we were forced to face the inevitable purchase of another medical van.  We are blessed to have safe, reliable transportation again…something I don’t take for granted for sure!!

We gave the caravan one last look at the ocean before it went to the auction block…for parts most likely!
Farewell notes!
“Mommy’s COOL car!”

I have been struck lately by how truly evident God’s grace is in the lives of the big sibs…they are investing their time in good things and they manage it all well.  I am in awe of them and grateful for the many ways they inspire me daily.

Maxo is busy juggling the end of his hockey season while starting up LaCrosse practice at the high school…he was asked to speak at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) club at school this past week and was recognized for his leadership potential recently with a nomination to participate in the GLOBAL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE…open to selected juniors from all the area high schools each year.  It’s fun to watch him grow as a young leader…

Max speaking at FCA…(thanks for the pic Aaron Caluza)

We got a fun glimpse into Wilson’s world through pics from his first military ball this weekend.  He is thriving at APU and loves his ROTC experience so far.  He’s getting closer to fulfilling his childhood dreams…makes me proud and scared all at the same time.

Fun with friend Kyla.
I LOVE laughing pictures!!! ;D

Olivia’s volleyball season started today and her team grabbed second place overall in the tournament!  It’s thrilling to watch our girl play hard and enjoy herself…she is disciplined and elegant on and off the court.

Rudy the happy spectator!…
…except when the whistle is too loud.

And then there is Rudy who embraces is all with GREAT enthusiasm…whether it is school, church, playing with cars on his bedroom floor or watching his big sibs sporting events…Rudy’s joy in all things is contagious (and a little humbling)!  😉


Life has it’s daily challenges but it’s moments like these that bring meaning to the tough stuff!  ‘Grateful for it all today.

7 thoughts on “February Fun

  1. Trish IT HAS BEEN AND WILL ALWAYS BE SUCH A BLESSING TO WATCH YOUR FAMILY. Ever since we first met at SBRM and y’all made cookies and gave them out to all of us in need of God and hope. It has been truly a joy to hang out with your children and let them inspire me and to watch how they inspire other so humbly and effortlessly, it is truly a blessing. Hugs and kisses to all, until we met again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY welcome to the 50’s club.

  2. First time commenter . . . what a wonderful family you have! I know you are proud of all your children, as you should be. Kudos to the parents who raised them!

  3. Trish, what beautiful photos of your beautiful family! You continue to inspire me everyday. Thank you for sharing your inspirations with us. Love you! Lisa

  4. Thanks for the update! Very fun.
    What’s up with Max with Hockey and LaCrosse? Doesn’t he realize he lives in SoCal? 😃 

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