Focusing on right now (or at least trying to…)

Since getting the UCLA appointments booked for tomorrow and next Tuesday, Trish and I both admit to an undercurrent of dread and anxiety.  The fact that both the Transplant Clinic and Heart Cath only got booked late last week–really short-notice when we’re used to dealing with months of lead time–minimizes the amount of time for brooding but can also create new reasons for worry.  Is there some reason why they feel it necessary to see Rudy so quickly?  The office mentioned summer vacation schedules but even with this, you can’t help but wonder if there’s something everyone’s concerned about that couldn’t wait until the fall.  Or maybe they just had a cancellation and figured they’d squeeze us in cuz they like us and we should stop over-thinking things…

So we made it through the weekend as much as possible by focusing on the here and now–which, when I think about it, is how we’ve learned to navigate life.  Rudy’s heart condition and it’s prognosis is always there, even if we only become more focused on it as there’s an appointment or procedure looming.  But life goes on with all it’s mundane beauty and simple celebrations of the ordinary–made only more moving when we consider the backdrop.

On this note, we had a pretty big celebration yesterday evening when Rudy figured out something HUGE.  Too bad the big sibs weren’t here for it–they may not be able to catch him by the time they’re home!

Pretty easy to focus on what’s going on right now when it’s something like this.  Thanks for praying for our time at UCLA tomorrow.

21 thoughts on “Focusing on right now (or at least trying to…)

  1. Lucky me I got to see this live at school today but I had still have happy tears watching the video!! We ❤ Rudy!!

  2. Praying that all the right, healing things happen for Rudy at the right time! God bless, Jane & Joe

  3. I’m praying that all it is that they simply got a cancellation 🙂 How wonderful that Rudy decided to pick yesterday to take those new steps… To help you take your mind off of worrying! Wow! I hope we can visit tomorrow up at UCLA if you have time. I’m working and would love to say hi ! Prayers!

  4. Though I pray everyday for Rudy’s treatment and a miracle, I will earnestly add to that prayer, a blanket of peace and comfort be spread upon you both tomorrow, and the worry to be covered by our Lord. Maybe He has some incredible opportunity just around the corner and wants to prepare you all. His timing is ever ‘surprising’ some times. Hugs as you go.

  5. The murphy clan is praying non stop for all of you. God has his wonderful, magical plan that we get to witness unfold. The lives that Rudy has touched in such big ways in such a meaningful way is something special and worth celebrating. I sure know that my life is much richer because I have a friend named Rudy. Xxoo

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  6. LOVE this, so, so much. Just when I’m in a season where walking is not possible – there goes Rudy!!! Such synchronicity. And Rolf – I totally get the fears/anxiety that rise when things feel sudden rather than routine. Step into the fear, name it, offer it, release it. I’ve had to do that a whole lot the last two weeks. Praying for you all, trusting that all will be well.

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