Schedule Change

Rolf and I got the big kids off to KS Thursday evening and headed home from LAX with our long list of “to dos” we hoped to get done while they’re gone. We no sooner settled in to the quiet house when UCLA called to reschedule Rudy’s heart clinic appt from July 3rd to June 24th…this Tuesday!!!! So we’ve adjusted our schedules to accommodate a full day in LA at clinic.

Shortly after getting the call from clinic, Dr. Harake’s office called to confirm a heart cath on July 1st, again, at UCLA! So grateful for a spot in the queue but it does put my stomach in knots!!

We’ll work on the logistics of it all this next week…stay tuned.

"Bye, Bye Wah Wah"
“Bye, Bye Wah Wah”
"Bye, Bye I-ya"
“Bye, Bye I-ya”
"Bye, Bye Mackey"
“Bye, Bye Mackey”

Missing the big sibs!

7 thoughts on “Schedule Change

  1. Love to you all! You are such an inspiration (I know, it seems lame since you hear this so much!!!). Love you lots & saying prayers for your kids as they are in Kansas!

  2. Mom and Dad look a lot sadder than Rudy; he’s like, “Dude! I get them all to myself!” Praying for you as you jump into a heart clinic day sooner than you were counting on….peace to you….

  3. i have been following Rudy since he was little and I think you are all wonderfull. Rudy is a joy to watch how much he has developed and how happy he always is. I send you all my best wishes. I live in Spain and I am Teresa’s father first cousin. all my love to you all

  4. Praying for a fun week despite the busy days at UCLA appointments! Praying too for the cath and such a blessing to see Rudy growing in all these ways. He is defying the numbers I hope.

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