Spring Has Sprung!

I know it doesn’t feel like it in many parts of the country but spring has definitely sprung in Goleta!  After several weeks of summer-like temps, it’s actually cooled down a bit this week feeling more like spring.  Rolf’s roses are in full bloom and we might see a little rain today.  The kids’ break from school has been consumed with house projects so far, but we have some fun planned for the latter half of the week.  🙂

Spring is going to have special meaning this year as Livy approaches her 6th grade promotion and our family says goodbye to the elementary school experience as we have known it.  We’re enjoying and taking special note of all the fun La Patera traditions that’ll we’ll miss when Olivia moves on to Jr High.  The annual jog-a-thon is definitely one of our favorites!  🙂

Olivia's strong showing at La Patera's annual jog-a-thon!
Olivia’s strong showing at La Patera’s annual jog-a-thon!

Rudy and I went to cheer the kids on at the jog-a-thon and ran into Miss Grant’s 5th grade class.  We’re excited to be adding another day to Rudy’s La Patera schedule next week and discovered that Miss Grant’s students are big buddies to Rudy’s Kindergarten classmates which means Rudy will get to participate in big buddy activities with them.  When I asked the kids who might want to be Rudy’s big buddy, this is the response I got!  So sweet!!   Yay!

Miss Grant's 5th grade class ROCKS!
Miss Grant’s 5th grade class ROCKS!

…a little more birthday fun with Max as we ring in a new season.

...a belated 15th Bday celebration with Max and  friends!
…a belated 15th Bday celebration with Max and friends!

A special milestone passed for me this week too.  I was invited to speak at Westmont College’s chapel service on Monday and was both blessed and challenged by the experience.  Speaking in front of a gymnasium packed with college students is definitely out of my comfort zone and I struggled to discern what to share and how to share it but the experience was good for me…a good process to push through.  Greg Lawler came and, sweetly, took pictures for us…as always, I’m sure glad he did because he captured some precious moments I’d sure like to remember…

…a little pre-chapel briefing with Ben Patterson (and Max on the Gameboy he unearthed during his room purge the day before!  Love it!!!)
…a little pre-chapel briefing with Ben Patterson (and Max on the ol’school Gameboy he unearthed during his room purge the day before! Love it!!!)
Rudy getting the "wiggles" out with Wilson and Olivia.
Rudy getting the “wiggles” out with Wilson and Olivia.
Rolf titled this one "Big bro loves Lil' bro"…definitely!  #puresweetness
Rolf titled this one “Big bro loves Lil’ bro”…definitely! #puresweetness
...a handful of friends came and shared in the morning with our family…so grateful!
…a handful of friends came and shared in the morning with our family…so grateful!
Westmont Chapel March 24, 2014
Westmont Chapel March 24, 2014

A video and audio recording of my presentation are posted in the chapel archives on Westmont’s website.  If you’re interested in watching the video click here.

When we got home from Westmont on Monday, I asked Wilson what he thought and he said, “Is Rudy going to die?” to which I responded “REALLY?”.  And he said “I just don’t think about Rudy being so close to death.”  “Well”, I said, “that’s the challenge we face as we approach life…rather than dwelling on potentially tragic realities, we choose to live life one day at a time and, hopefully, live it to the fullest.  I believe, though, that God has longterm plans for Rudy’s life even though the odds may not be in his favor.”  My approach to Rudy from day 1 has been to fully expect the best but prepare my heart for the worst.  I don’t know if it’s the most emotionally sound approach to critical situations but it has taught me to not pull away from pain out of fear but to embrace it with the assurance that God is by my side…no matter the outcome. It’s interesting to me that even though the hours of preparation and the talk are over, I’m still processing as I’m feeling vulnerable and experiencing a bit of an emotional let down after the fact.  Hmmmm, I’m left with lots to still ponder as I decompress from my “chapel speaker” experience…to be continued!

For now, though, it’s time to enjoy a little spring break!  🙂  Happy Spring Everybody!!



9 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung!

  1. As always I thank you and your family for sharing your journey with me. You are indeed an inspiration and a boost to my spiritual life!

  2. Dear Ones I love is with you all the way.
    Your speech was awesome. the Lord holds you all in His Hand !!!!

  3. Beloved daughter….I have just finished listening to you speaking to the Westmont students. Now even hundreds more people know you
    and your faith journey. It has been my privilege to watch you grow and mature into the woman you are today and I am so grateful.

  4. Wow! What a spiritual journey that I wouldn’t want and can not fathom… but am totally in awe of! Thank you for sharing your heart and for allowing us a little look into some of your God moments and transformational truth. Love you…

  5. As is the norm when I’m done reading Rudy’s Beat, I’m in tears. Life is precious and everyday is a gift from God and Rudy and your family are such inspiring reminders of that fact. Thank you for always sharing with us.

  6. Holey moley, Trish. POWERFUL CHAPEL TALK. Thank you so very much for sharing so honestly and so beautifully. In tears here. Tears.

  7. Trish, that was beautiful! As I was listening to you I thought of a quote by Corey Tenboom, “look outward and be oppressed, look inward and get depressed, look unto Christ and find sweet rest.” You expressed such wonderful trust, grace and rest in Christ as you shared your life’s experience that God has entrusted to you and your family. Thank you for your moving testimony…it moved me to tears, and challenged my life! I love you am thankful to know you as a sister in Christ!

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