Packing It In!

Our family has always been known for packing in as much fun as is humanly possible…whether we’re the last to leave a party or staying at an amusement park from it’s opening until the absolute last minute before closing or not letting bedtimes on school nights cut visits with friends short .  Although we’ve tried to learn to pace ourselves a bit more since Rudy was born, last weekend is proof that old habits die hard. Between hockey games, volleyball tournaments, Girl Scout cookie booths, jazz festivals and drum line competitions, the big kids have us all over the map…throw in a SBRM graduation and marathon and you’ve got yourself a “Geyling Weekend”!

It all started Friday after school with a 3-hr Girl Scout Cookie Booth in front of Vons and a race to the hockey rink afterwards for Max’s game…Wilson was off to a jazz festival in San Luis Obispo early Saturday morning and the rest of us headed to Olivia’s volleyball tournament.  In the evening, we were blessed to celebrate the brave accomplishments of the 16 men and women who graduated the 12-month recovery program at the Rescue Mission later that day!

Santa Barbara Rescue Mission Graduation on Saturday....
Santa Barbara Rescue Mission Graduation on Saturday….
A packed house at graduation!
A packed house at graduation!

On Sunday, we were up and at ’em bright and early to head down to L.A.  Wilson ran 1/2 of the L.A. marathon with Team World Vision to raise money for clean water in Africa.  It was his first 1/2 marathon and the experience was pretty thrilling for all of us.  Wilson ended the run with a smile on his face which is a good sign.  Thanks to “Find My IPhone”, the rest of us were able to track his location throughout the course and Rolf navigated L.A. traffic like we were in a scene from “Fast and Furious” to position ourselves along the route to cheer him on!  So fun!

Here he comes!
LA Marathon on Sunday…Here comes Wilson!
Photo op during the LA Marathon!
Photo op during the marathon!

We took full advantage of being in L.A. to visit friends and hang out at one of our favorite beaches…in retrospect, we probably overdid it a bit but it sure was a gorgeous day with fun memory-making moments.

Wilson's 1st 1/2 marathon was a success...the younger sibs were great cheerleaders!
Wilson’s 1st 1/2 marathon was a success…the younger sibs were great cheerleaders!

Our big weekend culminated with a very special celebration on Monday…Max’s 15th Birthday!  I say it every year but it’s hard to believe time is passing so quickly and that the kids were ever so small!  We have alot to celebrate in Max…his passion and enthusiasm for life, his many and diverse interests, his talent and his heart.  We were blessed by his arrival on March 10, 1999 and continue to be blessed by him today.  🙂

Celebrating Max on Monday...aww, the big boys were once so little!
Celebrating Max on Monday…aww, the big boys were once so little!
15 year old Max!
15 year old Max!
Happy Birthday Maxo!  3-10-14
Happy Birthday Maxo! 3-10-14

By Tuesday, it was clear that we were all in need of a little rest…Rudy took his on the floor in the middle of the laundry piles…of course Wilson couldn’t resist messing with him.  Ha ha

...a little zonked after such a long weekend!
…a little zonked after such a long weekend!

And so we’re on to the next weekend of activities…the countdown to Spring Break is on…just one more school week!  I’m ready!

7 thoughts on “Packing It In!

  1. What great memories you continue to make for the entire family. This blog started because of Rudy’s diagnosis but what a blessing for the entire family (and friends) to look back at the Geyling Chronicles.

  2. How do you do it! I am exhausted just reading about your activities! PTL for continued health and stamina–must be that good cooking, Trish! A happy home is great tonic as well. All of you–keep up the good work!

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