Video Stars

Our spring break isn’t at all what I hoped it would be and, to top it off, Rudy came down with a nasty stomach virus resulting in an epic case of ED today (remember the explosive diarrhea?) so we’re  staying close to home and making plans to tag team the many church and rescue mission Easter services and activities going on the next four days.  Please pray this bug passes quickly…Rudy is losing fluid as quickly as we’re putting it in and dehydration is always a big concern with him.  The big kids are making the most of it, however, and happily entertaining themselves with Netflix and various creative activities.

Thanks to Olivia, Rudy can add “Music Video Super Star” to his resume with yesterday’s iPad project!  🙂  It makes me smile…

‘Wishing you a smile today too!

9 thoughts on “Video Stars

  1. Go directly to Hollywood Olivia! Do not pass go do not collect $200
    Just get thee discovered.
    Feel better fast with popsicles Rudy!

  2. The video was awesome!!!!!!!! Olivia, you are creative and clever. Rudy, you are sweetness. You are both sunshiny stars!
    I love you all. Happy Easter!

  3. Amazing! But then I would expect nothing less from a Geyling Sib!!! Hope Rudy is better fast, in time to enjoy his Easter loot and at least some mint chocolate ice cream. Have a joyous and blessed Easter.

  4. It’s an amazing thing when we learn that all the activities don’t take place at events…many happen right at home.

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