The Joy of the Resurrection

Although Easter is over, my joy over Christ’s resurrection certainly remains.  I find the appeal of heaven grows as  I grow and oh how grateful I am for the sacrifice Jesus made on my behalf!!  A brutal sacrifice that gives me heaven!!!  I had a quick email exchange with Daisy’s mom this week and she painted a sweet picture of heaven that I found particularly meaningful as I reflected on Christ’s sacrifice and the hope of heaven…in her message she wrote,

“Please know how much Daisy loved seeing Rudy say hi to her (in reference to a video Rudy sent Daisy), and that she cares very much for him.  One day we will all picnic and laugh while Daisy and Rudy play tag and joust on huge horses and dive off cliffs into clear waters.”

What a sweet thing to say…what a beautiful image…what a comfort…what joy there is to be experienced in heaven!!!  And what a gift it is that we can experience “heaven on earth”…even though our spring break was plagued by illnesses (Rudy was down with his stomach virus for 6 days and Maxi ended up getting it on Sunday) that kept us quarantined at home, it had some special “heaven on earth” moments too.

The joy of serving the homeless at SBRM's Easter Feast.
The joy of serving the homeless at SBRM’s Easter Feast.
The joy of watching a child accomplish a "first"...Wilson's first triathlon.
The joy of watching a child accomplish a “first”…Wilson’s first triathlon.
The joy in knowing Grandpa Dick would be so proud.
The joy in knowing Grandpa Dick would be so proud.
The joy of an Easter egg hunt at church.
The joy of an Easter egg hunt at church.

Thank you for praying for Rudy!  He’s definitely on the mend (as is Max) and we’re slowing introducing feeds again.

Wishing you joy, dear friends!

12 thoughts on “The Joy of the Resurrection

  1. Trish, You are such a JOY. Thank you for showing us the joy that only Christ can give! You and your family are remarkable. Thank you for letting us into your lives. You bring such inspiration to folks you may never even meet.

    Much love and prayers, Melani

  2. So glad you are all on the mend! Thank you for sharing Kate’s words. She has a way of articulating that is so beautiful!! This has blessed me today! Love.

  3. Yes, such wonderful visualizations of what heaven will have for us, and especially those that have suffered so much on earth. We can’t even imagine what God has for these that have blessed us with their unselfish love, attention, and courage, when it was almost impossible to do.

  4. What a lovely Easter message…..thank you. Congratulations to Wilson! And the last photo really sums it up: Joy indeed!!
    Blessings, linda

  5. Glad you guys are on the mend. Kudos to Will the Triathlete! What a sweet – Narnian picture of heaven. I want to go to there! 🙂 Love you guys!

  6. Haven’t caught up on Rudy in bit. I needed by fix of the Geylings! Rudy looks great. So glad the Disney trip was magical. Keep the posts coming, I will be smiling for the rest of the day thinking of Rudy.

  7. I received a Thank You card from your Give Kids the World trip as we are a corporate sponsor. Wow, Rudy’s smile makes me smile every time I look at his picture in your card. Thanks for sharing both the card and the URL and allowing us to have a view into what is obviously a special family. God Bless.

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