One Tough Kid!

There’s no denying that Rudy is a tough kid but he had to prove it again today with another “first”…he managed to knock out his own two front teeth!  I’m not even quite sure how he did it but I was with him and Olivia in my room this morning when I saw him lunge forward while sitting on my bed.  Olivia walked over to help him sit upright again when she saw blood streaming down his chin and called me over.  Good grief!  One tooth was out completely, the others around it were loose and he ended up losing a second tooth a little later!!!  He was chewing on a plastic bottle at the time so he must have fallen on it just right when he lunged forward…he bounced back quickly but his impressive injury bled for several hours after the incident so he looked pretty messed up a good bit of today.  He’s fine, thankfully, and they were just baby teeth anyway but it’s a first that’s definitely worth documenting with pictures…

Tooth #1
Tooth #1…Tooth #2 was swallowed, we think!
All cleaned up and very proud!
All cleaned up and very proud!


"Show us your teeth Rudy!"
“Show us your teeth Rudy!”

Max was quick to point out the upside…double pay out from the tooth fairy!  Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the tooth fairy!!

12 thoughts on “One Tough Kid!

  1. Goood grief, Rudy, you look cute even without your two teeth! I envy the patio shot in the sun. We woke up to 7 inches of snow this morning!!!

  2. in many ways, Rudy is a perfectly normal little boy!!! Happy Palm Sunday from Kansas City where we are once again blanketed with 10 inches of snow!

  3. He’s a man now!!!!!!!! 😉

    I lost mine that way too. I was playing too hard on my Mom’s bed and hit the sides. My nephew fell out of his bunk and lost four.
    What’s with these beds? ;(
    He looks too cute.

  4. Owwww….Rudy! I’m so sorry to hear you lost two teeth today. But you didn’t really need them, and you look so handsome without them! Be on alert for that sneaky Tooth Fairy tonight, OK? Hugs to you, Big Boy!

  5. Leon Geyling…has quite the ring to it. I was also wondering about nurse Rolf making quite the fashion statement….paint shorts, sun hat and lightly powdered purple gloves…sexy!! Hang tough Rudy…and parents. What a journey.

  6. Rudy’s smile still looks beguiling. With our guys, we called them “Trauma Teeth”, for which the Tooth Fairy paid $5 each. It did sort of backfire when we caught one of them offering to pay the other $1 to knock a tooth out so he could pocket the remaining $4. Entrepreneurs from the get-go!!

  7. Poor Rudy! Trish, I hate when the kids had teeth issues! Nick has dental surgery when he was about 3 years old, and I was devastated! I always joked that the open heart was easier for ME than his teeth!!!

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