Beyond Description!

Sadly, our wifi access is spotty here and I (Trish) haven’t been able to get online the past two days to share all the amazing details of our trip so far (it’s kinda hard to write posts on an IPhone)! So, for now, I just wanted to report that we made it safely to Give Kids The World and the attention paid to the kids here is beyond description…it’s simply beautiful…it brings me to tears and I can’t wait to share more! Thank you for your prayers for safety…

Rudy on his first plane ride…

11 thoughts on “Beyond Description!

  1. The kids and you deserve the Best. Rudy’s bright smiling eyes are the most wonderful treat for us to see. He knows how special this all is !!!!!

  2. As much as we’d love to have minute-by-minute pictures and details of all the fun that you are having, please concentrate on your family and this special time together. Don’t miss the incredible moments messing with the camera or pecking out another message to us. Make the memories. Love you. Praying for you.
    Deb Swirczynski, Kansas City

  3. Totally DISAGREE! I want live streaming of the entire adventure! Can’t you just strap one of those head cams to Rudy? Just tell the folks in charge it’s part of Rudy’s wish list for the trip!

  4. Hi there, I was one of the university of Kansas volunteers you met this week. I just wanted to say it was an inpspiration to meet you and your beautiful, beautiful children. What a small world it is–both knowing lawrence, and myself personally having family in Santa Barbara. This week was life changing for me and I speak on behalf of my entire group. Your family gave us more than we can ever give to you, and I only wish we could have done more and known each other longer. All of us will continue to follow Rudy’s Beat, and wish the safest of travels and best of luck in life and health. God is in The Village, and he is with you. Thank you a thousand times for being an amazing group of people and changing our lives.

    1. Thank you Chloe…we were all sad to see you KU gals leave and we look forward to keeping in touch. You all are just precious and I appreciate your kind words. We’re now on Day 4 and still having a wonderful time! 🙂 Blessings to you…

  5. Rudy you look pretty at ease on the plane….did you order a soda and movie for the two of us? You are my guy Rudy! Love, La La

  6. Thanks for this photo and the note of how wonderful this trip is! YAY…Your huge fan club loves hearing it! You will all continue to be in our prayers!

    Love to you all!!!

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