Finding Fun in Vegas

Rolf and I enjoyed a rare gift of getting away for 4 nights this past week in Vegas for our 20th anniversary.  We’ve NEVER been very good at carving out this kind of time together and even less so since Rudy was born but Rolf was inspired by a killer deal on Groupon a few months ago and went for it to celebrate this milestone!  We laughed throughout our Vegas adventure as it’s clear we’re not really “Vegas” people…we’re not big drinkers or big gamblers and it felt like we had huge neon “nerd” arrows hanging over our heads the whole time…BUT we did what we do best and found fun!  We ate our fill, took in a few GREAT shows and won a whopping $30 jackpot at the quarter slots!!!  Most of all we enjoyed days where we got up with no agenda and let the day take us where it wanted us to go…no thinking through if a venue was wheelchair accessible, no making sure we had the necessary enteral supplies, oxygen tanks or meds, etc.  Of course, we thought of the kids non-stop and lamented the fact they weren’t with us every time we saw something we knew they would flip out over (David Copperfield or Cirque du Soliel) but they had a fun visit with Oma at home and Rudy was well taken care of between Oma (a retired RN) and his nurses.

And now, here it is Thanksgiving week (how is this possible?)!!  We’ll take time to write a proper Thanksgiving post later this week but to get a jump start on the theme of gratitude, here’s a little peek at an article by Becky Still that was published in the Fuller Alumni News this week.  Becky interviewed Rolf a couple of weeks ago and we’re so grateful for her effort and the thoughtfully told article that resulted.  We are honored and blessed by her interest in our journey… Alumni in Action Article

We are honored and blessed by your interest in our journey too…thank you for being a BIG part of this journey and for the prayers that have carried us from day one!

All dolled up to see Donny & Marie!
That’s right ladies!!! I heard Donny sing “Puppy Love” AND grasped his hand when he walked by our seats!!!…When Livy asked me who Donny Osmond is and why I was so excited to see him, I replied “Donny Osmond was my Justin Bieber”…she got it!
Rolfi’s big win! Ha Ha
Between the two of us we walked away $40 richer but my only thought was “Where’s the hand sanitizer!!?”.

Joyful Thanksgiving preparations everyone…:)

14 thoughts on “Finding Fun in Vegas

  1. Looks like a well deserved fun time was had. I am sure the children enjoyed being with Oma just as much. Glad you had the opportunity to renew your love for each other!

  2. R & T: God Bless Oma, the nurses and the sibs who made it possible for your 20th Celebration! Your are so deserving of this fun break and chance to reminisce about your 20 years together. Rolf, I know you have no worries about Donnie Osmond–our daughter has found happiness by marrying (her quote) “the smartest man I know”.

  3. Donnie & Marie was my first album…then Carpenters, I guess I was in to the brother sister duo thing! Glad you guys got a chance to get away…what a wonderful milestone to celebrate!

  4. So glad you got away to have fun on your 20th! Yay! And of course Donny and Marie! You and Donny,…and of course Mike was inspired by Marie. He quotes her when he shares his “story.” Ha, ha! Miss you all. xoxo

  5. Your LOVE and COMMITMENT to each other in hard times inspires me and countless others. You are a deserving Couple for sure. Glad to see you have fun without agendas.

  6. Oooooo “puppy love ” you two ! Great that you got some time away to celebrate the big 20 !! Donny should be happy he shook YOUR hand !! So happy for you that Oma came to help out – I’m sure the kids were fine and missed you too ! Happy Thanksgiving to all of the Geylings ! Xo Lisa

  7. What a lovely thing to see – so glad you got some real time away and hope you can do it again. It’s important to make space for this – take it from an old-timer! And you know what? I did not notice that Rolf’s article was written by Becky Still! I used to know her in our Pasadena days – a great lady. And she did a great job. Loved finding that in the alumni letter.

  8. I’m so happy for you two that you were able to get away together and celebrate. Your taste in music gives me pause, but it also adds to the list of things that I can give Rolf a hard time about so that’s a win-win! 🙂

  9. Happy 20th – you both looked like you were having fun. I am sure Donny sang right to Trish. Thank you for sharing the Fuller article. My best to you all during this Thanksgiving and Christmas Season. Love Sydney

  10. Hope all is well and that Thanksgiving with all the family was a joyful one. Been looking forward to a new post – hope there is an update soon. Hope Rudy is continuing to thrive and make his remarkable progress. God bless all of you.

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