Lingering Just A Moment More

So Thanksgiving is already a distant memory having occurred a whole week ago and the shopping frenzies of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are already left in a big plume of dust!  The Christmas countdown is in full swing and the holiday will be here in a blink of an eye!!  Usually I’m one to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to anticipating and celebrating Christmas…I LOVE Christmas and want to soak it all up…every moment….every cheesy store-inspired tradition…every sacred experience the holiday holds for me as I reflect on the birth of my Savior.  I’d pull out the tree and decorate the house in early November if I could and kind of combine the whole holiday season into one big “ThanksChristmas” extravaganza!!!

But it feels different this year for some reason…I haven’t put my finger on it but I haven’t wanted to take our few Thanksgiving decorations down yet…I’ve wanted to linger a bit more in this season of thanksgiving, linger a bit more in those moments when something catches me eye and I try to take a snapshot of it in my mind, linger a bit more in stillness and peace.  I pray you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration and the spirit of that day lingers throughout your whole holiday season as well!

We enjoyed celebrating Thanksgiving with family this year…celebrating a holiday with family doesn’t happen very often for us with both of our families living so far away so we soaked up time with the Boston cousins over the long holiday weekend.  Rudy, of course, loved all the attention and cried pretty much non-stop when everyone left for an outing he couldn’t join in on!  🙂  He’s so aware and soooooo wants to be included in what the big kids do.  🙂

Rudy’s doing well, though, and has remained healthy so far since the cooler weather of a Santa Barbara winter rolled in.  After the slew of over a dozen doctor/ER/UCLA visits in October, he’s gotten a break from doctor appointments this month and we’ve appreciated the reprieve.  We have a handful coming up in December but they are all routine appointments so hopefully Rudy’s health will remain stable in the next few weeks of (more than usual) activities…we need to pace ourselves as we get closer to our Wish trip in January!!!

Here’s a little Thanksgiving photo recap…


At Macy’s to drop off our letters to Santa with cousins Mayali and Kyra!
The ceremonial drop!


What’s your wish Rudy?
Looks like Uncle Rolf is getting a blessing from Fra. Junipero Serra at the Old SB Mission! Wow!
Swimming with a dolphin at…McDonalds!?


Rudy with Aunt Andi and his new buddy John!


Just one of those moments Mama likes to linger on…thanks for capturing it Dale. 🙂

Okay, so my favorite Thanksgiving memory of 2012 will go down in the books as the serenade Rudy got at the SBRM feast…Rudy, Max and I spent the day hanging out in the courtyard talking with the homeless guests as they waited to be seated for lunch and there were two gentlemen in particular who were eager to sit down and spin a mile-long yarn!  🙂  At one point, one of them asked me what Rudy’s name was and as soon as I said “Rudy”, they broke out simultaneously into a loud and somewhat off key rendition of “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer”. Rudy’s enthusiastic response encouraged them to sing even louder!  The expression on his face was similar to the picture below…total joy and acceptance.  The scenario was annoying to more than a few people standing around us but for Rudy and the two men who serenaded him, it was a highlight of the day.  🙂

Rudy at the Rescue Mission Thanksgiving feast…

Thank you friends!  Thanks for being the special individuals you all are and for sharing yourselves with us!  Thank you for your prayers and for your concern when we go longer than usual in posting an update.  Thank you for sharing in our love for Rudy and for your friendship to our family.  We all have so much to be thankful for…and I want to linger on those thoughts…always!  Blessings to you today.









11 thoughts on “Lingering Just A Moment More

  1. Thank you for sharing Rudy’s journey, and in turn your family’s journey, with all of us. I realize over and over again how truly I am blessed with my own family and the new families I meet along the way.

  2. Loved seeing the photos of the Boston Geylings with Rudy. Thank you so much for sharing your updates with us. Your family is an inspiration to us all ! I too LOVE the idea of ThanksChristmas ! xo

  3. Trish-you are just amazing! Thanks so much for these shared moments. Really loved the story of the duet! If Brent were homeless he would be one of those spinning a mile-long yarn!

  4. Geylings all,
    Your heart-felt and sensory descriptions of Thanksgiving are so real for me. I can only imagine how having your family’s experience and Rudy’s has brought enrichment all on many levels. As we go through life, we must try (try) to savor the moments and the joy of God’s gifts, as obscure as they might be. Looking at the wee scar on Rudy’s neck of the now-distant trach, I just marvel at his, and your, perspicacity and trust in human potential with Divine guidance. Wow – Rudy, you are the real deal!!! Head onto Christmas with joy and confidence in life and its blessings. You are my inspiration!! Love, Kris

  5. HI Trish!

    Long time since my last post here….but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been praying for you guys, thinking about you all, watching Rudy’s progress, and staying plugged into your lives. Lisa fills me in regularly, and I always read Rudy’s Beat several time to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

    You are so precious! I love that you are giving yourself the time to linger during this season of thanks! You deserve to take all the time you want.

    I pray that the Geyling Family will be richly blessed during the coming wondrous Christmas season, and that the New Year will be full of good news and great joy for all of you!

    Know I think of you often, pray for you all regularly, and lift Rudy in prayer daily.

    Sending love and many prayers,

    Prayer Warrior Deni

  6. Just lovely, Trish. Does my heart good to see these grand pictures of your kids, most especially that big-hearted Rudester – even if he’s only got half of one, it’s one of the biggest in the entire world. May your holidays continue to be blessed.

  7. Dale captured the essense of Rudy in his photo….the look of heaven on earth! I look forward to seeing Rudy and his friends as I am visiting the Bear Club on Friday Dec 14th…can’t wait!

  8. Love the picture of Rudy…..sweet to see the little “star” on his neck healing up nicely. Linger in Thanksgiving….enjoy!!!

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