Happy Halloween 2012

Halloween has always been a fun time in our household but because it was our first holiday in the hospital with Rudy, the significance of celebrating Halloween together under one roof is not lost on me…the memories of that season are still so vivid!


We are so grateful for how far we’ve all come since then…today’s celebration included the traditional La Patera Hat & Mask Parade and, of course, trick or treating!  Happy Halloween dear friends…and so starts the fabulous season of holidays!!!  Yippy!

Go La Patera 5th graders!!! You Rock!
Amelia and Charlotte!
Thank you Nurse Liz for being Rudy’s temporary school nurse!! You are a gem…
Rudy with Max the Superhero M&M!
What? Obviously he’s Superman Cowboy!
What? I’m a raisin! What’s your problem?
Love my Statue of Liberty and Superman Cowboy!
Superman Cowboy Sheriff and his deputy!
Time to Trick or Treat!
Adaptive Trick or Treating…
Rudy and Stella!
Rudy’s Picasso Pumpkin


So much fun!

14 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2012

  1. Looks like a wonderful Halloween. These are some of the best and happiest pix I have seen of Rudy. I love his art work.

  2. Gosh he’s adoreable! My son was Obi-Wan Kenobi and my daughter was a butterfly princess (he’s 5, she’s 17 months) and we had fun too. I keep up with your blog as often as I can and my son is always saying that he wishes we lived closer to you because he’d love to meet Rudy. Maybe my little guy could write Rudy a letter and they could become pen pals? If so email me at Bailey24_owl@yahoo.com

  3. So, Rudy, was that a Superman Cowboy or a Cowboy Superman get up? Either way, the moustache made the outfit! Love to all the Geylings, who never dissappoint on Halloween!

  4. Some cute little goblins here on our block too. Good fun for all the kids but I locked up at 8 p.m. when older rowdies were out and about. Glad you had a fun day!

  5. Rolf looks so thrilled to be headed out – or is that the fearsome wrangler ready to chase off the egg-throwers? You guys always do it right! FUN

  6. Okay… most creative costume The Raisin… hands down!!! Great idea. Everyone looked fab! hugs to you all. Jo Saraceno

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