The Pumpkin Patch 2012

Much to my delight, it didn’t take much coaxing to get Rolf and the big boys to go to the pumpkin patch with me, Olivia and Rudy Thursday afternoon!  Our local Lane Farms pumpkin patch has got to be the sweetest patch around…complete with a corn maze, hay ride and pot-belly pig!  A trip to Lane Farms is a fun fall tradition and it pleased this mama’s heart to have the whole family join in the fun…

1st stop…the corn maze!


Wilson is about as tall as the corn stalks! Ha Ha


It’s time to pick out a pumpkin!


Rudy liked all the tractors!




So we saw Dr. Harake today and Rudy’s heart looks about the same as last month…the leakage is still mild to moderate and the enlargement of the right atrium and ventricle remains the same.  The plan for now is to sit tight, keep Rudy healthy this winter, pray his heart remains strong (essentially what we have been doing for the past two years)…and revisit the decision to pursue the Glenn in a year or so.  Dr. Harake didn’t even mention a timeline for his next heart cath which I think is a good thing…it would be real nice to give him a procedure-free season for a bit, if we can…and continue to embrace each day as it comes.    Happy Harvest dear ones!

11 thoughts on “The Pumpkin Patch 2012

  1. You can come here! We have a pot-bellied pig, and a hay ride! Y’all are too photogenic, you’re making me jealous….

  2. These pictures are PRICELESS. Thanks so much for them. I cannot believe how much they are all growing up – including dear Rudy. And I’m relieved with you that there is no new procedure on the docket for a while. Just a nice clear stretch of growing and learning. YES.

  3. Just lovin’ these photos! So fun to be a regular “part” of the Geyling Family. Glad Rudy is status quo, I will take that any day with such a happy and beautiful boy!

  4. what a fun day at the Pumkin Patch! Thanks for sharing…. God bless you all with an uneventful Holiday Season! xoxo Jo

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