Wonder Boy

The Wonder Boy really hasn’t skipped a beat (no pun intended) since losing the trach last week…his stoma is considerably smaller and healing nicely so far.  We keep it covered with a bandaid and he doesn’t mess with it at all.  It’s amazing to watch him move more freely and I see (or should I say, “hear”) noticeable improvement in his ability to articulate consonants.  He’s a little chatter box!

Laying low at home for a few days served Rudy well, but it didn’t really end up being a quiet week for the rest of us.  A string of unexpected things kept us on our toes and kept me OUT of my shop – not any jewelry making going on this week!!!  I’m hoping I can carve out that holiday prep time next week – if I were superstitious, I’d be knocking on wood right about now!

Speaking of the unexpected, we’ve had a couple of unexpected good-byes this week…Rudy’s endocrinologist, Dr. Lifshitz, announced his retirement and it just so happened that we had our routine appointment scheduled with him already…so, Wednesday’s appointment turned out to be our last with him.  Thankfully, we are blessed with 2 other pediatric endocrinologists in town so I’m certain Rudy will be in good hands but it’s hard to say goodbye to a key member of “Team Rudy”.  Dr. Lifshitz, who manages Rudy’s hyperthyroidism, has been one of our more vocal cheerleaders…always affirming and always good for a reassuring pat on the back.  I will miss him and his office assistant Kim!

Rudy and Dr. Fima Lifshitz…

We also got word on Monday that Rudy’s school nurse, Evelyn, was reassigned to another school and so Rudy will be getting a new nurse!  We’ve been blessed with one great nurse after another so I expect Rudy’s new nurse will be no different but it is still hard to say goodbye to “a good fit”.  Evelyn was wonderful with Rudy and we’ll miss her sweet, tender care.  One of the interesting dynamics to my life with Rudy is that I feel like the members of “Team Rudy” (like his nurses, therapists, doctors and the office managers/staff of all the doctors offices we frequent each month) are my primary social community since I see them more than anyone else so when someone leaves, I really feel it much more than I should.  (Ok, that sounds a bit pathetic but it’s true!)







We have an appointment with Dr. Harake tomorrow (Friday) afternoon and Rudy & I head back down to UCLA on Monday for an appointment with Dr. Woo (pulmonologist).  I don’t imagine there will be much to report but it will be good to check in with both docs post-decannulation.    Thank you for praying for Rudy’s adjustment…we couldn’t be more proud of him and the big sibs…they’ve all weathered the past couple of weeks well.  Sleep tight dear friends!

8 thoughts on “Wonder Boy

  1. That is not in the least pathetic, Trish. These people are your care community and each one is important. Sorry for the ongoing sense of loss that all of this stirs up, friend. But so happy that your beautiful boy is doing so very well! He is amazing. And SO ARE YOU.

  2. “Best laid plans” …… good thing you are flexible. I will miss Evelyn next time I am in Goleta. She was so good with Rudy and he obviously trusted her totally. But the positive side is that another nurse will come to love Rudy too! I hope your family can have some nice uneventful weeks ahead! I know Rudy is happy to have the “noose” gone and when he is healed and can really splash in the pool, won’t that be grand. Eternal love ….. from Grandma Jo

  3. Yippie, cant wait to hear the little boy talk,when I come visit.
    I also want to go to school with him and take a long walk around the circle. Love you ALL.

  4. I got tears in my eyes after reading this… I miss you guys. Rudy will always be in my prayers. Grandma Jo, I miss you too!

  5. It’s not pathetic, it’s natural! They’re the people keeping you’re little boy alive and helping him really live instead of being and incapacitated little boy all his life. We’re all so thankful for each one’s contributions to Rudy’s health and welfare!

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