Resting At Home

We were happy to get home safely from LA yesterday just in time to love on the big kids and watch “Modern Family” with the boys before heading to bed but we’re definitely feeling the effects of the adrenaline rush of the past three days today!  Rolf and I woke up groggy and unfocused – unmotivated to jump back into the fast pace of life at home and work – Post Adrenaline Rush Let Down, I guess.

Rudy continues to do well…he, too, is a little groggy today but we both enjoyed a quick trip to Livy’s school during morning recess at Livy’s request. 🙂  Now we’re home again and getting things picked up and put away…a little laundry, alotta paperwork and some reorganizing of medical supplies are on today’s agenda.

Dr. Shapiro warned us that some of her pediatric patients have difficult adjustments after decannulation – almost like losing a binky.  Thankfully, Rudy seems pretty content without the trach and giggles when Daddy tickles his bare neck with his beard but he is NOT very content to keep his nasal cannula on.  I thought he had already made that adjustment but it must feel different to him now so it’s time to bust out the tape again.

So, we’ll rest up, catch up and get back into the swing of things over the next couple of days.  With decannulation behind us, it’s time for me to spend some serious time in the shop building up my “Silver By Trish” inventory for the holidays!  HOLIDAYS?!  YIKES!!

Love you dear friends…grateful for your prayers this week!

Here are a few more pics from our PICU visit…

RT Oscar and Nurse Abigail transported Rudy to his new room – which turned out to be his old room! ha
Quick morning check-in with Dr. Rick.
…And then it was time to be discharged! Dr. Harake was in the cath lab and made it just in time to say “hi/bye”…
“Bye, PICU friends…until next time!”
The ceremonial throwing away of Rudy’s tracheostomy tubes!








6 thoughts on “Resting At Home

  1. Whew…I bet you are all a bit exhausted. Sleep well and you’ll soon find your energy again. Rejoicing with you that it all went so well. Hugs!

  2. So happy that all went well! Praising God with you! Looking forward to a “decannulated” Rudy at WBS. Much love!

  3. Good report, good to be home in your own beds, good to try to get some rest and catch up time. All is well here — would love to be with you to giggling with Rudy and do the laundry!

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