Neurology Monday

Sorry if I left anyone hanging. I appreciate the texts and e-mails this AM checking on us–my phone battery died. The ER doc was happy with all the labs so we got sent home at 1AM. Rudy slept like a rock and was still out when I left for work this AM.

We just heard from Dr. Corraza’s office (neurologist) and Rudy’s going to spend some quality time with him this afternoon. Rudy gets to wear the fun hat for 90minutes (EEG–and by "fun" I mean "kinda sucky"). Consult afterwards. At least there shouldn’t be any needles. Thanks for your prayers and concern.

6 thoughts on “Neurology Monday

  1. Rudy, you just have to sample everything! So sorry for your and the family pain this causes. God has his reasons, but it sure is hard to take sometimes. Prayers continue.

  2. Oh little Rudy…I am so sorry you “got” to visit the ER again. That isn’t any fun at all. But I am sure you were a much cuter “Screamer” than the older man you saw there. (And you had a good reason to be screaming!) Oh darling, I sure hope you will have no more problems now. You are in our prayers!

    Love and hugs to your family as well. We think you are all so special.

  3. So sorry. You’ve seen more hospitals and ERs than anyone would want to in a lifetime. Wish it wasn’t so. Hang it there. You guys are amazing!

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