Follow Up with Neurology

After Rolf and Rudy’s late night return from the ER last night, Rudy slept in to almost 10am this morning!  We skipped his PT and OT appointments and I got a call into Dr. Corazza’s office first thing.  Dr. Corazza ordered an EEG test at 2pm and then a face to face with him at 4:30pm.  After two trips to the ER over the weekend, I was glad we were able to follow up with Rudy’s neurologist right away.  The EEG clearly showed that the seizures are coming from the right central part of the brain which is why the left side of his body is affected.  Sunday night’s seizure didn’t last as long as Friday’s but it was unsettling in that it extended into Rudy’s left arm and leg – not just in his face as in previous episodes.  Dr. Corazza increased Rudy’s daily dose of Trileptal from 3 and 4 mls per day to 4 1/2 mls twice a day (from 7 total to 9 total).  We need to wait for a couple of blood tests to come back from samples taken in the ER…if the numbers are good, then we’ll stick with the current med but if the numbers some back bad, then Dr. Corazza wants to add another medication in addition to the Trileptal.  We’re not super keen on adding more anti-seizure meds as they could leave Rudy feeling pretty doped up but we also need to get these seizures under control…especially since they seem to be getting worse.   We’ll wait and see what the test results reveal and pray, in the meantime, that Rudy doesn’t have anymore seizures!

EEG fun (?)!

Our weekend was yet another manic bundle of really awesome highs and disturbing lows…the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission’s annual Bayou fundraising event on Saturday was a wonderful success and quite inspiring & at the same time our hearts were burdened for Rudy, of course, but also breaking for a Make-a-Wish/Heart family we’ve been praying for all week…their story was covered by their local news.  Caution!  It’s truly heart breaking but also such a vivid picture of grace and strength…Mia McDonald video.  Please join us in praying for this family as they make their way back home to Utah…ugh!

I tell you…everything about this weekend makes us hug a little tighter and embrace the little moments that make a day special even more!  Here’s a few from this past week…

Kickin’ it at Max’s hockey practice…
Watching the DP drum line and cheerleaders at the Bayou!
Livy’s Silent Auction favorite!
Rudy’s contribution to the auction…

Thank you for your prayers this weekend…there is so much going on in need of prayer and knowing it’s all in God’s hands is truly comforting to me.  🙂  Bless you friends!







11 thoughts on “Follow Up with Neurology

  1. Praying those darn seizures STOP! Thanks for all the pictures,seeing Rudys smile always melts my heart! You have such a beautiful family!Love you guys!

  2. Rudy looks like he is ready to swim the Atlantic in his yellow cap. He always manages to make me smile even when times are tough… like this weekend. 😦
    I can’t even begin to imagine how this all affects you. Please know that my favorite guy is being hugged up in Prayer to end those seizures and be a healthy ER-free guy.
    Hugs to you too.

  3. Back safely from a trip to Wichita and reading the latest news here from you. Another scary “bump in the road” on top of an exhausting preparation for the Bayou event. Please, Lord, protect my sweet Trish, Rolf and “the sibs” with good health and less stress; and continue to hold Rudy in your hands. It is our hearts desire to have him improving with fewer setbacks.

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