“If You Give A Pig A Pancake”

Life imitated art recently when we had a rare Saturday morning pancake feast with all the yummy fixings!  Rudy joined us at the table and the events that unfolded were straight out of Laura Numeroff’s classic tale…remember?  “If you give a pig a pancake, she’ll want some syrup to go with it.  You’ll give her some of your favorite maple syrup.  She’ll  probably get all sticky so she’ll want to take a bath.”…and so the story goes with a domino effect of crazy happenings.  

Rudy, who continues to show more and more interest in food, wanted a pancake as the plate was being passed around.  Although he isn’t actually eating solid food yet, he wasn’t quite content to play with just the pancake…he wanted some syrup too.  It wasn’t long before Rudy coated himself with the sticky syrup and, you guessed it, needed to take a bath.  Olivia and Max offered to give him a bath while I cleaned up the kitchen but I admit there wasn’t much cleaning going on…I couldn’t resist sitting outside the bathroom door and listening to how the whole bath scene unfolded!  The two big sibs struggled with the energetic, squirrel-y and squawking toddler for an entertaining bath time that included a lot of singing and giggling… some of the more memorable quotes I heard from behind the closed door included…

Olivia to Max – “Max, Are you as sweaty as I am right now?

Max to Rudy – “Put your hands in the air and let’s get CRAZY!”

Olivia to Rudy – “Rudy, NO!!  You don’t have your pants on!

The whole morning was a sweet snapshot of normalcy and I enjoyed soaking it all in – even if the process tested my OCD boundaries!  Ha Ha

Speaking of favorite children’s book authors, the big sibs introduced Rudy to a Sandra Boynton book new to our library this week.  They, of course, have a bit different presentation style than we did when we read “Barnyard Dance” to them years ago…

Rudy couldn’t be more pleased to have his sibs home for summer.  This week has been spent purging and organizing bedrooms, catching up on odd jobs around the house and running errands in Ventura today.  Summer school and camps start next week.  Here’s a little pictorial recap of our summer so far…

We had breakfast in Summerland on our first day of summer…yum!  And, no, Rudy was not allowed to play with the syrup!


We unearthed a ton of fun hand-me-downs for Rudy during the major room purge…including the once coveted Jedi robes (circa 2002)!!!  Aaawwwww…


Olivia signed up for the summer reading program at our local library and Rudy was happy to follow in her footsteps!  


The big kids are all taking on more responsibility and are more and more helpful with Rudy…Olivia even wanted to learn how to change Rudy’s trach this morning.  Rudy sat still and Olivia did a good job.  🙂


 Rudy at Refugio Beach!


And so our summer is off to a great start…we have a slew of doctor appointments next week and a new therapy schedule to coincide with Rudy’s new summer school schedule so we’ll have some adjustments next week but for now we’ll enjoy the last couple of unstructured days we’ll have for a few weeks.  

9 thoughts on ““If You Give A Pig A Pancake”

  1. Never a dull moment at the Geyling household! Loved the singing book performance–way to go big kids! Surely not “nighty night” after that invigorating segment! Pancake syrup? Rudy, how could you resist tasting that gooey stuff? Not salty enought, right? Love to all!

  2. Such happy fun!!
    And Barnyard Dance? I’m in Texas with a two and a four old – I’ve got that memorized….and our dance steps are awesome.
    Love and Blessings to all…..LH

  3. Man. Man oh man. I wish I had older sibs. Rapping, caring, fun older sibs.
    Lucky Rudy. Nite nite Geylings!

  4. Lovin the beat at the Geylings! The version of Snuggle Puppy that we had for Anna wasn’t nearly as FUN!! blessings all, happy summer.

  5. Rudy and your family are so strong. I know god has helped you guys and always will.Rudy is very special and I love him so much!Even though I have only know your family for six months,I love you all!Love Halle!;)

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