Father’s Day 2012

It’s hard to believe another Father’s Day is quickly coming to a close!  In typical Geyling fashion, we enjoyed a simple celebration at home this afternoon after a fun morning at church.  Our day may have been filled with simple pleasures (i.e. pool time with friends, Fritos Bean Dip! and a Carvel ice cream cake) but there is also a far-from-simple, profound feeling of gratitude that isn’t overlooked on a day like today.  Gratitude for our family, in particular, and the many ways I see God’s grace and love  reflected in the kids…through their unique personalities, their individual gifts, their sensitivity toward God and others less fortunate and the different insights about our world they offer.  Rolf and I are truly blessed and I’m grateful to God that those blessings far outweigh the challenges and concerns that weigh heaviest on our hearts.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before but my appreciation for Rolf grew with the arrival of each one of our kids…I fell in love with him all over again when he became a dad and demonstrated his commitment to our life together on a much deeper level with creativity and total engagement.  We have partnered well through the twists & turns of our life together and had some fun along the way.  I am grateful for his love, his hard work to provide for our family and literally build a roof over our heads and for his commitment to serve our community.  I’m glad I’m not the only one who recognizes his special qualities…click here and check out this special honor.

I’m also incredibly grateful on this Father’s Day for the fathers with whom God has blessed my life…the father I gained when I married Rolf…a man who is very thoughtful in his affirmation and exemplifies responsibility, commitment and loyalty.

My father-in-law, Franz – Spring 2012

And, my Dad who also modeled a very strong sense of responsibility and commitment as well as a the gift of discipline which were all enhanced by his friendly demeanor and contagious laugh,

My Dad, Dick Wilson – Spring 2010
Dad and the kids at KUs Allen Fieldhouse – Spring 2010

Although cancer took my dad much too soon, my love and appreciation for him remain a constant especially as I grow in my understanding of what it requires to be a parent…there are many things I choose to do as a parent that can be traced back to him.  🙂

Ah, there is much to be grateful for and celebrate in the men that have filled my life…blessings I pray I never take for granted!

Rolf sporting the traditional handmade Father’s Day Tshirt…He’s definitely our SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) King!

It is SO RIGHT for us to take the time to stop and honor the men in our lives that work hard to make right choices with the best interest of those they love in mind.  Well done men and may you know how very much our world is richer because of individuals like you!  Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!

6 thoughts on “Father’s Day 2012

  1. a beautiful tribute to the importance and blessing of fathers!!Especially those who aspire to follow our Heavenly Father…..
    thank you….

    Linda H

  2. I love the new photos from your Fathers Day post. Glad you had such a great weekend. Loved the shirt the kids made Rolf! Praying for a healthy happy summer for your family.

  3. What a wonderful heritage your kids have from past generations. I pray they can live up to it and honor it. Rolf, our family is blessed to have you in it. Thanks for the beatiful witness you are to all. f

  4. That was an amazing tribute! Thank you for sharing it. Rolf is truly an amazing father. If all the fathers of the world were like him, can you imagine what a far better place it would be….

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