Up And At’em

Rudy slept soundly last night and woke up all smiles after his episode and subsequent trip to the ER yesterday so he went off to school…:)

Based on the mild seizure he had last month and the series of seizures he had yesterday, it appears Rudy is no longer responding to his current anti-seizure medication (Keppra).  The ER doc consulted with Rudy’s neurologist and sent us home with a new prescription for Trileptal.  The ER doc was reassuring and is certain Rudy wasn’t experiencing any new stroke activity (based on the type of seizures Rudy had) but it sure would be nice to know why he’s seizing again all of a sudden.  What was concerning about yesterday’s episode was the length of the seizures.  Rudy began a mild focal seizure on the school bus on his way home from school and his nurse timed it at about 10 minutes.  He continued with the mild seizure at home which traveled from the left side of his mouth, to his tongue and then back to include his mouth.  He was pretty wiped and was left with a lazy left side and at one point his whole body turned blue which led to the decision to pack him up and meet Rolf at the ER.  Although concerned, we were relieved he fussed at the prospect of putting on a hospital gown and getting onto the bed to be examined…he definitely knew where he was and that he didn’t want to be there!  Ha Ha

I gotta give the big kids a grateful shout-out…Max and Olivia opted to stay home but were very helpful in getting Rudy in the car, out of the car when I thought we might need to call 911 instead, and then back IN the car when I determined I could take him after all.  The scene was a little confusing and unsettling but the kids hung in there and did whatever I asked them to do without question!  Wilson who was still at school had to arrange to get himself home and all were safe and sound when we got home from the ER just in time to reorganize and get to the high school for Wilson’s music dept. awards assembly.  Rudy was so wiped and doped up on Ativan that he was content to sit in my lap during the assembly and barely flinched at the sudden bursts of applause…sweet boy!

So we find ourselves a bit preoccupied again and a little frustrated but I don’t want yesterday’s concerns to overshadow the neat milestone achievements Rudy had this week…like on Sunday when he experienced his first official Sunday School lesson at church…

…and again on Tuesday when he was particularly energetic at therapy and NOT content to stay in his little corner of the therapy clinic…his PT tried a little supported walking exercise!

We’re also super excited that Rudy mastered sitting up by himself from the prone position…check him out this morning…

So, thank you for your prayers yesterday especially!  We are ever-grateful for our Rudy’s Beat community.  Neurological concerns are scary but we are grateful that Rudy’s seizures are mild and he is quick to bounce back and for the good care we continue to experience at our local ER.  There is much for which to be grateful!

BTW, we still haven’t heard any sleep study results but Rudy’s next heart cath procedure at UCLA is confirmed for Wednesday August 1st!

Blessings all…


6 thoughts on “Up And At’em

  1. yippie, sitting up by yourself!!!!!
    Congratulations Wilson, we KNOW you are cool !!!!
    Max and Livy we are proud of your helf yesterday, Mom told me about your quick response !!!!

  2. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome all the way around. Glad Rudy was able to stay in Goleta, though I would love to see hi. Proud of the sitting as well. Kudos to all.

  3. So sorry for this scary stuff, Trish. But glad to hear the news is not dire, even thought it’s a tad disconcerting. That boy is just amazing. And his siblings aren’t exactly chopped liver! Love to you all – and prayers, too.

  4. Thanks for the update….the Rudy-coaster continues to plunge forward down the track. Amazed at your continued ability to hold on with such grace and calm!

    Congrats to Max & Olivia for their helpful responsiveness in the midst of a challenging situation and to Wilson for his impact at school. (I always knew you were cool!)

    Love to all!

  5. One step sideways…..but two forward….proud of you sitting Rudy! Give your mama a big hug for me!

  6. He is a sweet boy and happy he is home. Kudos to Wilson – that is very cool indeed. Prayers for all. Sydney xo

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