The Sights and Sounds of Christmas!

Oh, the Christmas season is flying by much too fast!!!  The final countdown to the big day is on and we have a weekend full of special activities at the Rescue Mission and church ahead.  Today is the feast and gift distribution for the homeless guests at the Rescue Mission, tomorrow our family will enjoy a morning celebration with the residents at the Bethel House and a sweet candlelit Christmas Eve service at church in the evening and then our Christmas day will include church again in the a.m. & the annual “President’s Turkey Bowl” with the men’s program residents in the afternoon!!!  Oh yeah, and we’ll manage to squeeze in some gift opening  at some point.  Ha Ha

It has been a fun couple of weeks filled with all kinds of sweet moments…

Once again, Rudy was happy to keep his distance from Santa...Santa's instruction to the big kids right before I took the picture was "On the count of three, kids, lean to the left!". Ha Ha
Rudy may not have enjoyed seeing Santa but he sure LOVED the hay ride with his brothers!
We've lived in Santa Barbara for 4 1/2 years and NEVER been on the Landshark! While the big boys were in Mammoth snowboarding with the church youth group last weekend, the rest of us got to celebrate a friend's bday with a tour of town and the harbor on this crazy vehicle.
Rudy was cautious the whole ride but ultimately liked the adventure.
Fun with friends Cady and Thomas on the Landshark!
A quiet moment of play while the big kids were all off doing their own thing. Remarkably, Rudy hasn't messed with one ornament on the tree this season! He's more interested in emptying the bookshelf any chance he gets! 🙂
Rudy was overjoyed by the REAL camel and donkey he saw at a local live nativity, yeah, you don't need to comment on the obvious here...we know what you're thinking Bryan Frame!
Much to my surprise the big kids wanted to join me on an errand to Kmart yesterday to buy socks to distribute at the homeless feast today! It was a fun little family outing that included, of course, a quick stop in the electronic and toy departments "just to look"! Ha Ha

Rudy’s enjoying his Christmas break, but even though there’s no school or CCS sessions, that doesn’t mean he isn’t getting any therapy.  Big brothers have their own regimen they put him through.  Last night, Rolf and Wilson were working on a project in the garage and Rudy scooted all the way down the hallway to investigate until the only thing between him and joining in was the little step down.  He’s always been content to perch there and watch, but he sure wanted to join in the fun.  Big brother devised his own therapeutic approach complete with incentives and rewards:

Yup, he’s pretty proud of himself.  Just wait until he figures out all he can do with those little bird legs. Today the garage step, tomorrow the roof jump!

10 thoughts on “The Sights and Sounds of Christmas!

  1. Loving that Scooter!!! Every time I “see” him, he is doing something new….little chatterbug too!! My heart is happy reading your blog today! A very Merry Christmas to a very merry family….The Giver has given us so much to ENJOY!!!

  2. As always I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the blog with all the thoughts, pix and videos. This was a wonderful gift to me, thank you so much. I so enjoy watching all your family really enjoy and encourage Rudy. I, too, was a scooter, so it is extra fun to watch. My love to the entire family for Happy Holidays and a Blessed Christmas!

  3. So many things going on with the “six Geylings” !!! I wonder how you do it all but guess it is just the “new normal” !!!
    Lovin’ you, Grandma Jo

  4. Well done Rudy and was that Wilson coaching him? Great encourager!
    Merry Christmas to you all. God bless. Jo Saraceno

  5. Yay Rudy! Merry Christmas to all the Geylings from the Fitches!
    p.s. Rudy: STAY OFF THE ROOF! You don’t want to run into Santa accidentally, and spoil the surprises!!

  6. Oh Trish, I have not had a chance to catch up on your family and this video of the kids cheering on Rudy is beautiful!! Sure miss you. I would love to come by and give you a hug in 2012! Looks like we have a wedding to attend this year too!!! So happy for R & D 🙂

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