Halloween 2011

We sure enjoyed a fun and full holiday weekend which started with a quick visit from Uncle Steve and Aunt Michelle who were in California on business and ended yesterday with a day off from school (teacher in-service day) and a fun evening of candy-collecting!  After all the fun of this weekend, none of us are ready to start another week of school, work, etc!  Ahhhhh, time is marching on, indeed, Happy Halloween everybody and Welcome November!  (Yikes! It’s November already!!!)  🙂

An overnight stay for Aunt Michelle and Uncle Steve in Goleta!
Rudy the cowboy attended Olivia's school "Hat and Mask Parade" on Friday. Olivia and her class made very cool lobster hats!
Rudy the overwhelmed cowboy and a bunch of Livy's classmates...


Halloween preparations continue on Friday with pumpkin carving fun at church...


Celebrating Asst. Coach Buddy's 62nd birthday with fellow-Charger Josh after the game on Saturday!


Halloween 2011


Dr. Rudy and his patient Max...


The mad scientist and her Frankenstein creation...aka Olivia and her good friend Dahlia!


Sorting is a little difficult with Rudy in the mix!


Wilson's anguish...this is a tough time of year for his fellow M&Ms!



4 thoughts on “Halloween 2011

  1. Would love to have opened the door and seen them all in person. . Very creative! Love Rudy’s expressions. ha
    Very slow night and lots of leftover candy 😦

  2. Hi my best friend has a son named Logan with HLHS and he has surgery in a couple weeks and Rayme told me about you guys and its so encouraging to personally know others that are fighting it and we are not alone! Thanks for the wonderful photos and updates

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