19 Years and Counting!

Rolf and I celebrated our 19th Anniversary today.  November 7, 1992 couldn’t have been a prettier day…the sun shone brightly for our 2pm afternoon wedding in Chula Vista, CA just south of San Diego and we were blessed to be surrounded by 250+ of our dearest friends and family.  It was fun to look through our wedding album with the kids first thing this morning before they headed off to school…it has been a few years since I sat down to really look through our album now almost 2 decades old.  It was nice to be reminded of so many fun memories…memories of that special day which led to the reflection of significant memories of the past 19 years and I’m struck this year by how very much Rolf and I have experienced together in a season that truly has flown by at, what feels like,  warp speed…

Experiences that include our nightmare honeymoon in Hawaii, our life in South Central Los Angeles working with inner city kids and their families, our sabbatical and ultimate resignation from our work in the city,  Rolf’s full time pursuit of his MDiv degree at Fuller Theological Seminary and the 7 odd-jobs we held between us to provide for our very young family at the time, the 8 homes we’ve lived in (yes, we’ve moved that many times!) since our wedding day, the birth of “Silver By Trish” and the conversion of Rolf’s “wood shop” into Trish’s “silversmith studio”, the births of Wilson, Max, Olivia and, of course, Rudy (a lifetime of experiences wrapped up in that little bundle alone), two trips to Europe to visit Rolf’s extended family and the countless holidays spent with our immediate families in Kansas and Texas over the years, the significant losses of my Grammie Fink, Rolf’s Tante Barbara, Aunt Elliott and Uncle Rixie, our nephew Seamus and niece Faoileann and my Dad just 16 months ago and now that distinct shift when life revolves less around our own passions and more around the  interests and activities of our growing but still dependent children :).  We’ve been shaped and molded, challenged and stretched in the nineteen years we’ve been married and, by God’s grace, most of it has been accompanied by laughter…even in the darkest moments we’ve found something at which to laugh.  Thank you, Rolfi, for being an amazing father to our kids, a conscientious provider and a fun partner.  Here’s to the journey we’ve walked so far and the path that is yet to be revealed…Cheers!

A couple of "cool cucumbers" at the rehearsal 11-6-92
"Great is God's Faithfulness" INDEED!!
Our first introduction as "Mr. and Mrs."!
November 7, 1992
Celebrating at Cold Stone Creamery - November 7, 2011

16 thoughts on “19 Years and Counting!

  1. I still have such fun memories of you guys as a couple! Your gracious welcoming spirits made my L.A. days more memorable! Happy Anniversary and many, many more!

    Angie (Dougherty) Wiggins

  2. Love the wedding photos. Praying for another 40 happy years together give or take a few. Praying your sweet family will be well and have a wonderful Holiday season. (((Hugs)))

  3. Woo Woo! Great photos and great memories. I hope you recall I was one of the few groomsmen that didn’t pass out on the “candle platform of fainting!” I still take pride in that…

    Anyway, we wish you all lived closer, but know we share in your celebration of marriage and life together down here in Oz.

  4. I love the photos of the special day 19 years ago. Congratulations! Celebrating with you two very special friends!

  5. What an adorable couple! And I love, love your dress, Trish. I hope you pack it away.
    Happy Anniversary to you both and the best is yet to come….
    Many blessings…
    xoxo Jo

  6. Oh my. The memories. The photos. The HAIR. More on top and none on the face for Rolf – and a pixie-do for Trish? LOVE IT! What a ride you’ve had together. Congratulations, best wishes, heart’s love to you and your beautiful brood.

    (Actually, Trish, i really do love that short-short hair on you – who knew?)

  7. Happy Anniversary to my special Rolf and Trish. I love you so much and am so proud of both of you. Love always, Mom

  8. Dear precious friends! Thank you for sharing your journey. I love love love the contrast photos of the two Nov. 7ths. Perfect! It brought tears to my eyes. LOVE you guys!

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