“I Am With You Always”

Rudy continues to do double duty in therapy as he adjusts to his new therapy schedule three times a week at the CCS Clinic and finishes up his home-based therapy that he has received through the Regional Center twice a week since we brought him home from the hospital.  We have so appreciated therapists Kris, Gwen and Jodee these past two+ years and will miss their presence in our home very much.  We’re going to make the most of the last two weeks we have with them as Rudy will no longer be in their “official” care as of October 1st but they will always be a part of “Team Rudy”.  🙂   I think Rudy senses his time with the gals is winding down and decided he’d give them a little parting gift…an emerging skill that has been one of our therapy goals for a long time…

We’re still waiting for word from Dr. Harake’s office about Rudy’s heart cath date.  It could be as early as next week so we’re eager to get confirmation on this and plan for the big kids accordingly.  We’ll keep you posted as this will be another big trip down to UCLA for us.

I took Rudy to the Sears Portrait Studio recently for his annual portrait…I was studying the digital prints yesterday in preparation to place an order when I took a closer look at the image below…I happened to bring one of Rudy’s favorite books to the photo shoot and the photographer captured this pic of him as he flipped through the cardboard pages.  He lingered on this page caught in the photo for a long time and when I zoomed in on the image, I was touched to read the title of the page “I am with you always” and to see the image of Jesus holding a little dark-haired boy!  So sweet and such an encouraging image to hold on to.  I have a strong feeling Rudy doesn’t need to read about that bible truth to know it’s validity…he knows that truth through experience for sure but what an amazing visual reminder of the spiritual truth for me today…may it be a sweet reminder for you too!

14 thoughts on ““I Am With You Always”

  1. Too sweet for words, Trish. Sigh. So much beauty in one small person. Thank you for these pictures, both still and moving (in every sense of that word.) Prayers continue for a date – and for a hopeful report.

  2. Big or small, it’s a good reminder that He is with us always. Thanks for sharing that Trish and I pray that the truth will be clearly evident to you and Rolf this week and every week! Love you!!

  3. What a nice story to read today about you, Rudy. You never cease to amaze me with the determination you display. It may take a long time of practice but you overcome! God is using your life in a powerful way and showcasing an amazing family. I am so proud of all of you.

  4. Am so happy to hear the progress made with therapies and see how this little man is developing!! The changing of the guard signals I pray even more exposure to therapeutic tools and progress!

    love to all,


  5. Yeah Rudy good job, up!
    “I am with you always…” Oh, such comforts from the Savior when least expecting it!
    Blessings on you all!
    Jo Saraceno

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