First Day of School 2011

It’s late and the house is quiet…all survived the first day of school and slowly but surely we are falling into a familiar routine again.  As predicted, Rudy was pretty lonely after the big sibs left for school but he did take a long afternoon nap and was quite animated this evening with everyone home again.  So sweet!!

Check out the proud pupils…

Wilson wouldn't let me take pics the first day of school so we took this one when we dropped off some papers last week! Ha Ha

 9th grader Wilson!

Freshman year - Day One!

7th grader Max!

Go Mariners!

4th grader Olivia!

Big girl on campus!


Rudy wants to be on the drum line too!!

 We’re off to a good start and trust this school year will be full of fun new experiences.  Rudy’s new therapy schedule at the CCS (California Children’s Services) clinic starts next week so our new fall schedule continues to take shape.  We’ll let you know how it goes.  🙂

6 thoughts on “First Day of School 2011

  1. A bunch of great looking kids you have there. Boy Wilson’s hair sure reminds me of my brothers when he was a kid. Happy new school year Geylings. Hope we’ll see you one of these days. Praying as always. Hugs to Rudy.

  2. Have a blessed school year!! My prayers go out to Rudy and that God will continue to provide his guidance and peace throughout his medical care!!! Prayers to all who have families back east too!

  3. Good luck at ur new school!!! The best way to fit in is to dress like Lady Gaga. You know, meat dresses and stuff . . .

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