Rudy goes to space!!

Greg Lawler strikes again!  While the rest of us watch TV he spends his more conventional evenings with his photography but sometimes he likes to spice things up a bit with some beekeeping, chicken-farming or metal-smithing.  His latest pursuit was to try and take high-altitude pictures of the earth.  Apparently no ladders of sufficient height could be found so he sent a balloon to 95,000ft (“near space”–3x higher than planes fly!) and took all kinds of pictures and video.

In addition to the images, Greg and his partner Geoffrey conducted a ground-breaking experiment on what happens to a marshmallow and a Twinkie at high altitude.  They thought it would be fun to take Rudy along for the ride, so we now have three very special Rudy bracelets that have been to space.  You can watch a really beautiful video if you click here or follow the below.  Who knew watching some silicone bracelets sitting between a marshmallow and a Twinkie could get one misty-eyed?

Fly, Rudy, Fly!

5 thoughts on “Rudy goes to space!!

  1. He also climbed Matthes Crest with me and Steve and he went diving at Santa Cruz Island this weekend! GO RUDY!

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