Our Grand Summer Finale

Reality is setting in as we start a full week of marching band camp for Wilson, daily football practices for Max, final school preparations and FIVE doctor appointments for Rudy…all a bit tough to engage in after the fun of the last two weeks – our grand summer finale!  We enjoyed the luxury of hanging out with my brother and his family from Kansas for 4 whole days during Fiesta here in Santa Barbara and then we headed up the coast a couple of hours for a 4-day family getaway in Morro Bay.  Rudy, in particular, has enjoyed all the special attention he has gotten this summer from visiting friends, family and his big sibs and it will be a rude awakening when the kids head back to school next week and the house is empty again.  🙂 

Fun with Uncle Steve!
Cousin love!
A cuddle with Aunt Michelle.

There wasn’t a whole lot of sun to soak up in Morro Bay but we sure soaked up the fun!…

Rolf and the big kids started our getaway off with a morning of ATVing at Pismo! They are now hooked! 🙂
'Just being able to drive on the beach to get to the ATVs was a thrill!

Olivia was a quick study and drove like a pro alongside her brothers…

Although Rudy stayed close to our Morro Bay rental most days, he did enjoy one afternoon on the beach with the big kids!
An evening stroll on the Cayucos Pier.
Rudy and Morro Rock
The sun is setting on yet another summer!

We’ve also enjoyed a whole month free of any doctor appts but we’re making up for it this week as Rudy has an appointment with all his specialists except pulmonology!!  As a result, we’ll have a thorough medical update later in the week.  Funny little side note regarding pulmonology…we got insurance approval last week for Rudy’s second opinion with a well-regarded specialist at Children’s LA and just two days later we got official notification in the mail that she is actually joining the pulmonology department at UCLA in the wake of Dr. Pornchai’s departure!!!  That’s how Rudy rolls–his referrals come to him!  We’re excited to know she’ll be a part of Rudy’s team at UCLA and will also know if there would be any benefit to looking at another major facility here in LA.  We’d like to get an appt in the books soon.  Praying for discernment…we’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime, we will make the most of the last few days of summer and anticipate a fall full of continued adventure.

12 thoughts on “Our Grand Summer Finale

  1. Viva La Fiesta and Viva Los Geylings!!! What a great way to end our summer. Thanks for a wonderful time together enjoying the beauty of SB and the even more beautiful Geyling family. You all are so precious and fun! It’s always a blast to be with you…let’s do it again soon!!

    Lots of Uncle, Aunt and Cousin Love from Kansas to all the Geylings!

    PS – Say “Hi” to Cody for us on your next drive through at Mickey D’s!!

  2. Sending you love and prayers as the sun sets on summer….and you roll on into the doctor-go-round…

    and….I noticed a new haircut…..

    hugs from here Linda H

  3. Max, I think you lost some of your hair. Just making sure you know. I always love to see Rudy’s smile. He’s the happiest person I know.

  4. I didn’t check the blog because I could not believe you had time to post! This one is a smashing success–thanks for your discipline in getting this message out as often as you do, Trish. You are definitely filled with your Dad’s genes when it comes to discipline. Hey, Rudy, you are becoming quite the beach bum venturing right down on the sand. The sibs love showing off for you and getting your gigles in return.

  5. I love these photos!!! God bless you beloved Geyling family!! Today, Santa Barbara is probably nuts with all the Kardashian hoopla!! LOL!

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