Lots of smiles this weekend

But none more precious than these…

Not sure we’ll ever forget this weekend and all of the love and affirmation. Thanks to Jim, John and all the Uppies who had a hand in making the award weekend possible.ย  And many thanks to the crew here in SB (Lisa, Jannele, Sherry, Tera, Evelyn, Gina, Dodi, Lauren, Greg) who held things down seamlessly on the home front and managed to pull off the big surprise.

Rudy is very proud of his mama and approves of the trophy!

9 thoughts on “Lots of smiles this weekend

  1. Oh my gosh, Trish, what an amazing weekend! Rolf, you win some kind of prize for managing all of the logistics and keeping everything secret…A-MA-ZING!

    Now…everybody! “Up, Up With People! You meet ’em wherever you go…” Don’t forget to Swing Clap!!

    Love you guys!

  2. Congrats Aunt Trish and thanks to everyone involved! Rudy’s smile in the first pic makes him look so innocent and cute!!! But in the second pic he looks so big!!! Now that I’ve visited y’all I know where all the pictures are.

  3. Congratulations Trish! What a great family โ€“ I love looking at your pictures and keeping up on Rudy’s beat! I bet you had some fun days with the whole family โ€“ I just got a nice picture of the whole “Geyling-clan” from my mother (through Aunt Helga) ;โ€“).
    Thinking about you guys,
    Yours Astrid.

  4. Trish, thanks for the phone call last evening. I am so glad Steve and Michelle were here and could hear your report on the speaker phone. So glad you had a safe trip and saw many Uppies from your cast. How wonderful for you and for Rolf to get an understanding of the Up With People program.

  5. P.S. Love the homecoming pictures. Kids, your VBS shirts are very chic! Michael is staying with me a couple of days and we slept in after a late night of movies. Fun! Love to all, !!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you, Rolf for all the logistics you had go figure out–what a guy!

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