Life among the Uppies

OK, the surprise is done. Trish is having fun connecting with friends, reliving memories and dusting off a few of the old show tunes. Though I view being the Grinch’s understudy in 6th grade as significant theatrical experience, no one is all that impressed and they won’t let me into the reunion show (Divas!). This whole “Up With People” thing is a new experience for me and perhaps many Rudy fans, so let me give you and idea of what goes on.

Whenever you get a critical mass of Uppies in one room, a well-produced catchy production number is bound to break out.

There are happy people singing happy songs. Even the most jaded toe will start tapping. You start to feel good–like you’re special and maybe there’s hope for the world. Just in case you mood hasn’t approached giddiness, they’ve got just the thing waiting in the wings…(cue children of the world singing about a bright future)

Works everytime. Now, they release them into the audience and the inevitable sing-and-dance along cannot be resisted. Some get more caught up in the frenzy than others.

Hard to figure how Trish joined up with this crew. Must go ponder by the pool.

3 thoughts on “Life among the Uppies

  1. So thrilled you both got to get away kid free for a few days and do special stuff like get awards and sing… enjoy the rest of your trip.

  2. An Up With People concert/show is one of my first memories in life, if you can believe that. Upstate New York circa 1973…Just as you described. ( :

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