Happy Birthday America!!

Our Geyling family reunion is in full swing.   There is alot of cousin fun being had and although Rudy is missing out on the “dorm” experience on campus with the rest of the family, he is relishing all the extra attention and loving he is getting from his extended family for sure…it’s always fun to watch the children enjoy one another in gatherings like these.   Opa and I are home this morning watching Rudy while the rest of the clan is at the beach.  All are coming back to our place for a pool party and later Rolf and I will pop in at the Annual SB Rescue Mission 4th of July BBQ.  It’ll be a fun day with lots to celebrate…

Yesterday's "June Gloom" at dusk...thankfully its bright and sunny today!


Cousin pic sans Rudy...he melted down during the large group family pic just like a typical toddler!!!! 🙂


...but he sure was all smiles at the family harbor boat cruise later that evening!


Happy 50th Anniversary Oma and Opa! May 6, 1961- May 6, 2011

 And Happy 4th of July Everybody!!!!

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday America!!

  1. Yes, Happy Birthday America, indeed! Sounds like the reunion is a resounding success. What, no photo of Rudy?!! Miss seeing his smiling, beaming face…….

  2. Ooopsie, SORRY! I couldn’t see the one of Rudy until “refreshed” the page with my Droid phone. There is Rudy, right there! He’s smiling and beaming as usual….. : )

  3. Such a handsome clan you have gathered, Oma and Opa Geyling!!!! Your time together is a real memory maker and one all of you will cherish forever. Rudy, it is nice you can have your Mom and Opa all to yourself for a few hours. I think you all will enjoy the quiet time and will be ready for the gang to come home. Hope you have had a great 4th of July.

  4. So good to see these pictures! Praying you’ll continue to have a great family reunion and special times especially with Oma and Opa. Kisses to Rudy, hugs to Olivia, and a kick in the pants to those boys 🙂

  5. It was so much fun hanging out with y’all!!! The entire vacation was a blast. So glad that now everybody has met Rudy!!

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