Bye, Bye Dr. Pornchai!

We said goodbye to the last of Rolf’s family on Sunday after a full and much-too-fast family gathering.  After months of preparation and anticipation for the reunion, it’s over so quickly and, just as quickly, we’re on to the next thing!!!  This week is a big week for our family as we’re all participating in our church’s Vacation Bible School.  Olivia is an attendee, Max is helping in the nightly skits, Wilson and I are on the music team & Rolf and Rudy are parking attendants!  As you can imagine, a room full of excited children is not Rudy’s favorite place to be so a parking lot full of incoming and outgoing cars seems a better option for him.  Ha  It’s fun to do something together nonetheless.  This week is also significant because it was this week last year that my dad took his severe turn for the worse in his battle against brain cancer and as we sent the kids off to VBS each evening, Rolf and I scrambled to make the necessary arrangements to get me to Kansas as quickly as possible.  The 17th will mark the year anniversary of his death…’hard to believe it has been a year…’still think of him daily.

To add to the post-reunion flurry of activity,  Rudy had an appt at UCLA yesterday that got me, Max, Olivia and Rudy up and on the road by 6am to make the morning appointment with Dr. Pornchai (Pulmonologist).  It was our routine-3 month appt but the first since Rudy’s failed sleep study in May so I was eager to talk to Dr. P about that.  In terms of a medical update, nothing for Rudy has changed in regard to his lungs.  Dr. P is recommending another sleep study in 6 months.   I’m seriously doubting the likelihood of a successful sleep study for our toddler as he clearly hates the sleep lab environment and I’m wondering if there is ever a “home sleep study” option offered out there.  Something else to look into I guess…  🙂

The big news coming out of this appointment is that Dr. Pornchai is making a big move to Children’s Hospital Orange County (CHOC)!  We’re losing an important member of Rudy’s team -so sad 😦 – but we appreciate Dr. Pornchai (affectionately nicknamed “Dr. Porkchop” by Max and Olivia) and we wish him well at CHOC.  The upside to the transition is that it seems like a good time to seek a second opinion.  Rolf and I have been considering talking to folks at Children’sLA or Stanford as we’ve heard great things about both pediatric pulmonary departments so Dr. Abbott’s office is working on getting the necessary referral authorization.  Between a second opinion consult and our first consultation with Rudy’s new pulmonologist at UCLA in 3 months, we welcome a fresh look at and input on Rudy’s lungs.

Thank you Dr. Pornchai Tirakitsoontorn!!

Rudy has taken, lately, to making a bee-line for Olivia’s room whenever he is free to roll around and explore….there sure are ALOT of interesting trinkets to explore in Olivia’s room!  To keep him close but contained, Olivia came up with a handy solution…

"Rudy in the Box"

But he didn’t seem to mind…he was all “smiles in the box”!

Thank you, all, for your continued prayers…we sure pray for lung health specifically as we continue to wait and hope for the opportunity to advance in Rudy’s heart treatment.

7 thoughts on “Bye, Bye Dr. Pornchai!

  1. Although not the advance we had hoped for, it is good to know Rudy is holding his own with his amazing smile. Elaine just called and told me you had a new post. I have been out and about for errands and grocery shopping. It is only in the high 80’s so far today so it is almost a cool wave!

  2. Whew! I’ve been checking the blog 2-3 times a day hoping for a post. Thanks for the update and the pictures!! It’s always great to see Rudy’s smiling face and the rest of the fam too!

    After reading the headline, I thought, WOW! Rudy’s making big progress to be discharged from the pulmonologist! So it was a bit of a let down to read that it was only the fact that Dr. P was moving on. Nevertheless, sounds like Rudy is holding his own. Go Rudy Go!

    Love you all!

  3. Like your Uncle I thought the news would be different but so glad that you will be able to get a second opinion. Always helps to know if there is anything new going on in the field. You have a very special family. We continue praying. Blessings!

  4. So sad to lose part of the helpful team who have brought Rudy this far, but maybe another person to add to the list of Rudy fans and doctors will be a better blessing. The reunion was a blast! Thanks for hosting all of us! Love y’all!

  5. It was so amazing to meet you and your family today. Thank you for allowing me into your home, sharing your ideas with me, and giving me a chance to learn from your son. I love my “Rudy Gear”, too!

  6. Always have Rudy and your all in our prayers. Praying for a great summer and improved lungs and anything else he needs. Hugs to all. xxoo

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