‘Just a quick post to let you know that Rudy is finally on the mend.  The flu bug he had was a vicious one but he has been d-free for two days and smiley again so we’re confident he’s feeling better…just in time, too, as Oma and Opa arrived yesterday for a 2-week visit and in just 2 short days, ALL the Geylings/Connellys will make their way to our little slice of the West Coast for a long due family reunion!   Watch out Santa Barbara – The Geylings are coming!   It will be a special time to celebrate Franz and Helga’s 50th & family…there is a handful of Rolf’s family that hasn’t had the opportunity to meet Rudy yet so this time together will be significant for Rudy as well.   The final preparations are underway…

Cleaning up a little yard debris....


Rudy had his routine cardiology appointment with Dr. Harake this week…it was our first appt. with him since Rudy’s seizures and failed sleep study in May so we spent a good bit of time just catching up.  The echo showed no change in his heart condition (no further compromise) which is good.  Dr. Harake mentioned at our last appt that he might consider another heart cath (which would let us know what is going on specifically with his pulmonary pressures) in October but he feels, now, that maybe we’ll give him some more time and wait until the first of the year….that is if his heart function remains the same.  It’s hard to wait for the information a heart cath would provide but we’re thankful Rudy seems content and happy while we continue to wait.  After the hiccups of the past couple of months, we hope to settle into a calm where Rudy is concerned, enjoy the rest of the summer and not let our minds swirl about what might or might not happen in the fall.  Thank you for waiting this out with us…:) 

A recent "Greg Lawler " capturing Rudy in deep thought! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Incoming!!!

  1. Thanks for the update Trish and so glad to hear Rudy is feeling better. Enjoy your time with the Geyling clan…I can remember so well the great time we had at Mom & Dad’s 50th anniversary blowout in the mountains (you tap dancin’ fool, you!) I’m sure it will be a wonderful reunion.

    Don’t get too tuckered out with the Geylings, though…save some fun for the Wilsons in August!

    Love you ALL!

  2. Give Oma & Opa a big hug for me! I really miss those regular visits with her–we all miss her. Our group gatherings are a bit incomplete without her!!

  3. We love you guys and I know with all the family in town Rudy is gonna have a blast. Just remember to video!! Especiallly all the people he says “hhhhi” to. xoxoxo

  4. The yard debris I pick up is not nearly as beautiful as this can full! Have a wonderful reunion with the Geyling clan….Hi to all.

  5. Have fun with the extended family. Happy 50th to the mama and the papa! Many blessings for an ‘uneventful’ summer! Much love and hugs… Jo Saraceno

  6. Glad to hear Rudy is “D-free”….happy for you too! Have a fantastic time with your family….go with the flow and keep laughing….your family is such a DELIGHT!!!!!

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