Flu Bug Fly Away!

The bug Rudy came down with over the weekend spread to me and Olivia (and, unfortunately, to two out of three house guests we had over the weekend!!!!  Yikes, sorry gals!).  I was miserably sick on Monday but thankfully it hit hard but ran it’s course quickly…I was moving slow but back on my feet on Tuesday.  Olivia was down for a couple of days but is back to normal now.  Rolf and the big boys have dodged it (knock on wood) but poor Rudy is still battling diarrhea.  I thought he was on the mend with an upgrade to “loose” stools yesterday but he’s back to the big D today so we’re praying this bug flys away soon.  Today is day 6 so we’re still on alert but we’ve managed to keep him hydrated and I think we’re within safe territory.  He’s getting his energy back and even attempted to join in the cul-de-sac fun yesterday on his little riding truck…

A Wheel Fest in the cul-de-sac...


Rudy didn't get too far...he was a little overwhelmed!

You may recall that Rudy’s endocrinologist took Rudy off his daily dose of Levothyroxine last month feeling as if Rudy might be ready to stop his thyroid treatment.  He dc’d the med temporarily with the order to add to his monthly blood draw to test his thyroid hormone levels.  Unfortunately, Dr. Lifshitz’s office called yesterday to let us know that his TSH is out of range and, therefore, we need to put him back on Levothyroxine.  -bummer-  Not a huge deal in the larger scheme of things but I was hoping for even a small victory…an indication of growth and progress somewhere within all his complex and compromised systems.  Ok, I get it, we’re still in limbo…and so we wait.

8 thoughts on “Flu Bug Fly Away!

  1. Poor Rudy…still under the D-curse! That’s pretty miserable 😦 What a trooper…just smiling through it all. Love that boy!

  2. My grandkids in Houston have also had “the bug” and we are due for a visit down that way next week–hope they don’t give anything unwanted to us!! Hope y’all recover quickly–prayers for all of you.

  3. Praying Rudy gets well soon and no one else gets the bug. Praying for Rudy to make some good summer steps in whatever direction he is going these days, and no more bugs. Loved heraing him talking on the video recently. Hugs to Rudy and all.

  4. If he gets a sore bum (or has one) try Calmoseptine from a REAL pharmacy, not CVS or somewhere like that. It is the most soothing and effective bum cream ever. I use it myself and for Jeffrey. But I hope he feels better soon and the rest of the family keeps it away. Best to all the family. Miss you so much. Sorry about his seizures. I never responded. I am glad he did not need to come to UCLA but I was on and would have been honored to transport him in.;-)

  5. OH, dear, poor little Rudy!!! Hope it he is getting better soooon.
    We are staring to pack here in Alabama and heading your way !!!
    Cant wait !!!! Hugs O + O

  6. Each day I am thinking “surely today this virus will stop tormenting you, Rudy”…..but apparently it is still a battle. It must be exhausting for you and those who have diaper duty. When others say “Go, Rudy, Go” they don’t mean providing more diaper changes…okay? Be better soon sweet child. I love you….Always, Grandma Jo

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