Yoga with Rudy…

We don’t know where he finds the time, but Rudy seems to have taken up yoga.  We believe some of this comes out of his practice of emptying out his crib several times a day.  There just comes a point when we tire of the game of putting everything back in there.  So I guess he needs to do something to occupy himself.  Maybe he’ll realize someday that throwing your pacifier away leaves you with decidedly fewer alternatives, but in the meantime we give you the Sucking Foot Pose.

Valuable Rudy swag will be awarded to anyone who sends a video proving their own mastery of the Sucking Foot.


10 thoughts on “Yoga with Rudy…

  1. So great to hear about Rudy and see that all of your kids are doing so wonderful and looking forward to the summer. Like Rudy I recently had a sleep study to see if I have sleep apnea, which unfortunately I do. The test was uncomfortable and having all those electodes attatched was crazy. Anways glad to see all is well.


  2. Nice try, Geylings…

    It’s funny how you can’t see the bottom half of Rudy!

    It’s because those are actually Trish’s dainty little feet he’s gumming (good job not giggling, Trish). I’ve seen that trick on YouTube, so “Good try, but I’m not buying it!”


  3. First Rudy was removing his socks with great dexterity, then he was playing the guitar with his feet, now it is a substitute pacifier skill. I bet he could also do the dance splits that Emma does in her ballet performances. Oh to be so flexible!

  4. Gifted….the kid is simply gifted, not to mention incredibly flexible and adaptable. Love you guys!

  5. We don’t believe it. We think he’s posed. That’s why we’re coming to see for ourselves. That’s right, this Sunday afternoon we’ll be arriving in SB and staying for two nights (don’t worry–not at your house). Anyhow, we are hoping to swing by and see the yogi for ourselves. Please let us know when we’d be welcome—unless of course, you’ve got something to hide…

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