And So Summer 2011 Begins…

With our week of promotions and final classroom parties all wrapped up, we officially welcome summer and look forward to all the fun to be had in the next couple of months.  We, once again, end another school year very grateful for the kids’ success and balance in the midst of a family journey that often feels anything but balanced.  Although life in our household appears more stable as time passes, the emotional stress is still pretty chronic and has it’s effect on all of us which is why Rolf and I are especially proud of the kids’ accomplishments…well done Olivia, Max and Wilson!   It’s on to 4th grade, 7th grade and 9th grade – 3 different schools (4, if we send Rudy to special ed preschool in October)!!!  Oh my…let’s not get ahead of ourselves…for now it’s all about summer!  🙂
Max's speech at his 6th grade promotion...
Max and Miss Grant
Wilson's last jr. high jazz performance at the 8th grade promotion ceremony...
Newly promoted member of the Class of 2015!
A strong 3rd grade finish for Olivia...she missed the "Perfect Attendance" award by ONE two-minute tardy in March!!! Bummer but we're sure proud of her diligence each day!!
Well done made it through all the ceremonies!

As Student Council President, Max was asked to share his reflections on his La Patera experience.  For our family record, we’re including it’s text below…

Good-Bye La Patera

I stand before you today as a better student, a better leader  and most of all a better person.  Hi, I’m Max Geyling – La Patera’s student council president.  I’ve had a great experience here and would love to share it.  I came to La Patera in third grade.  I was in Mrs. Clayton’s and Mrs. Hug’s class.  I met some nice kids that year but two really stand out, Thomas Jimenez and Fidel Lopez.  I met them when our teacher asked them to show me around.  As I got to know them I found out they were just as big of sports maniacs as me.  They’re like two other brothers to me and it’s been that way for a long time.  Well, at least up to when Fidel moved away after fourth grade, but I’ve made more friends too.

After third grade there was the dreaded switch to the upper grades.  Yea, the big 0-4, fourth grade.  One of the best things about fourth grade was being on the same schedule as the sixth graders so at recess I was able to be with my older brother Wilson. Also in fourth grade I had Mrs. Burrato, one of the nicest, most up beat, iced-tea drinking teachers I know.  Fourth grade was a great experience, I had my first overnight fieldtrips to Tall Ships and El Capitan (that’s fun to say).  I also learned alot about the watermelon on my first day, played my guitar in the school talent show and had my first kiss  – okay, just kidding.  One more thing that made that year unforgettable was when my little brother Rudy was born.

After my interesting year in fourth grade, it was on to fifth grade with Miss Grant.  You know one of the youngest teachers in the school with a split class of fifth and sixth graders.  What could possibly go wrong?  EVERYTHING, but luckily for us it didn’t.  Fifth grade was pretty fun.  We went to El Chorro for three days.  I played in the talent show again and I was voted vice president of the school, (turn to classmates) “Thank you guys.”  I also became the oldest sibling of my family in La Patera because Wilson was in Junior High and my sister Olivia was in second grade.

Finally, the reason I’m here with all you wonderful people – sixth grade!  I couldn’t think of a better way to end my time in elementary school.  First of all, I had Miss Grant again, but as a sixth grader and I went to Mr. Carrera for most of the subjects so Miss Grant could teach the fifth graders.  There was alot of running between classes that year, I mean, walking.  But anyway, sixth grade –  the year everyone waits and works for…why????  My teachers are right here so – for the learning!  Also, for CIMI – the greatest field trip ever.  Plus, my dad came so that made it better…well, did that really make it better?  No, it made it fantastic!  We went snorkeling,kayaking, tidepooling and we played some fun games.  Also this year I was voted President of the school.  It was awesome and it was an honor to hold this office.  I also couldn’t believe the fun activities at the end of the year.  I loved this year more than any other and I’m sad to see it go by.

I would like to thank all my teachers I’ve ever had…the ones at La Patera and the ones at the schools I’ve attended in the past.  And to my family – my dad, my mom, my siblings Wilson, Olivia and little Rudy.  Also, to Mrs. Santiago, the staff, and the wonderful students that make this school what it is.  For my last few words, I will say something I heard from a very reliable source – a movie. (ha) “Once a La Patera Tiger, always a La Patera Tiger!”.

A great summary Max…La Patera has been and will continue to be a wonderful blessing to our family. 

Rudy’s Medical Update:

We were deeply disappointed to hear from Dr. Pornchai yesterday that Rudy did not pass the sleep study.  We didn’t talk a whole lot of details – we’ll talk with him more at our routine appt. next month but, for now, it means we can’t move forward on decannultion.  Rudy will need to keep the trach and, I imagine, we’ll try again in another 6 months or so.  We really hoped for the  greenlight to decannulate and are sad to put that plan on hold again.  So, as always, one day at a time…

Thank you for your prayers.


11 thoughts on “And So Summer 2011 Begins…

  1. Tomorrow we will be spending the day; as a family with so many others from all around at a Little Hearts Picnic……we hold all in our prayers and pray for good days; Nick’s Grandma (Nick turned 12 this past April)

  2. Awesome speech Max. Great job and I know you’ll do great in Middle school. Cameron will also be in 9th next year. Hope we’ll see you allone of these days. Always praying for our sweet Rudy and family. XXOO

  3. Congrats to each and every one of you kiddos! And big cheers for the mom and dad who stand behind it all and special prayers for your emotional resilience. And of course a big kiss for Rudy!
    we love you,
    Aunt Andi, Mayali, and Kyra

  4. Awesome job Max….I was just looking at some of your baby pictures the other day…how time flies…and what a fine, articulate young man you have become!!! I’m glad for these bright spots in your days that balance out the many disappointments….so sorry about another STALL….peace to you all despite….

  5. Here I sit in WI. I am mesmorized as I read the posting. Sooo special, Trish. I was thinking of each of your kids….I remember sitting in Sunland at your house picking up jewelry…I loved being with you all. I knew then that your family was very very special…..and you are! Hugs..

  6. Dear Geylings, We can’t believe it has been about a year since we left Goleta. Wow we know a lot has transpired on both coasts thanks to your blog and one day soon we will catch up. Meanwhile, we wanted to say congratulations to Wilson, Max and Olivia on their amazing accomplishments. And congrats to Rudy for being such a trooper through thick and thin and all the end of year ceremonies!! We think of you all often and feel that our lives are blessed to have met you and are enriched by your family whether far or near. Keeping you all in our prayers. With love, Sarah, Scott, Maddie, Nick and Annie

  7. All I can say is… WHAT A FAMILY. Max, Olivia and Wilson (and of course, Rudy) are evidence of parents, who in the midst of heartache, poor every ounce of love, praise, laughter, and commitment into their lives, enabling them to be strong, focused, involved individuals who prosper and exude humor and joy to everyone around them. Well done Trish and Rolf. You live as an example to ALL of us, and this Journey, will be remembered by all who travel it with you.

  8. Congrats to ALL – Wilson, Max, Olivia, Rudy, Rolf & Trish! The Geylings ROCK!! So proud to be part of such a distinguished family tree of achievers!! Love you!!

  9. Great speech Max! Sad about Olivia’s Perect Attendance and the news about the sleep study. Tear. Congrats to everybody for graduating!

  10. Great job to all the Geylings for all the hard work you have done this year not only in school, but throughout your journey with Rudy. What a blessing and role model (God knows kids need good ones these days!!!) Max, Wilson, Olivia & Rudy have been. Continued blessings & yes, one step at a time!! Have a gr8 summer!


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