PSA brought to you by….

There wasn’t any word this week on Rudy’s sleep study results but we did finally receive the 3.0 Ped Shiley trach (1 of 4 ordered) from crApria that was originally ordered on February 22 when Rudy’s trach was downsized.  It only took 3 months, 6 phone calls and about 5+ hours of my time  this time – well done crApria!!  Oh man, don’t get me started, but I am so grateful for Rolf’s ability to procure  enough trachs during the last hospital stay scavenger hunt to get us by.  We really are blessed to have so little to rant about but dealing with Apria makes up for any headache-deficit we may have!! 

On a much sweeter note…Rudy is perking up and acting like his bright self again.  He’s still congested but it’s definitely better and he is sleeping better at night.  After another full week this past week, the house is quiet this weekend with both big boys gone on a teen retreat at Point Loma in San Diego.  We are missing them but we’re having some fun of our own with bbqs and, of course, watching the Indy 500 on Sunday!!!! 

Okay, so this video really doesn’t have anything to do with “Rudys Beat” but I had to post it.  Wilson enlisted the help of his brothers for an English assignment…he produced an anti-smoking public service announcement and the look on Rudy’s face when the boys walk up  to him in the video is priceless.  It’s another 4 minute video so it’ll take a bit to buffer…

Happy Memorial Day Everyone…I hope your weekend is filled with bbqs, gorgeous weather and a peaceful heart (don’ t think about Apria, don’t think about Apria, don’t think about Apria) too.  🙂

Rudy developed his own way of playing mama's guitar this week.
...but then decided chewing it was more fun!

7 thoughts on “PSA brought to you by….

  1. Sooo sad there is no talent in the Geyling house!!!!! Those boys need to take that show on the road!!!!

  2. Love the video and I am 1000% with them on the no smoking thing. Blessing to the Geyling family. Have a great weekend.

  3. as strikingly handsome as your boys are, and how incredibly clever this presentation was….the most adorable segment was Rudy’s smile and his looks of adoration at his goofy brothers!….the video definitely belongs in the Rudy-blog!

  4. I felt sorry for Rudy when the boys walked away….it was like, “Awhhhh..
    Rudy wants to be with his brothers!” I can imagine that he was watching them the whole time!

    So glad to see your boys having fun with one another. I know it’s like that all the time, right?!

  5. Our thespians and their adoring audience — Rudy does love them and his expression of it is so precious. I am sure the summer will bring more skits ….. where was Livy?

  6. Such a great commercial, if they were all like this Ken might watch some of them instead of channel surfing. The boys really made their point clear. You could tell Rudy was a great fan. But someone was missing, where was Olivia? Her cute smile would be the final plug for not smoking. “If you want a sweet smile, don’t smoke!” or something like that. What a great family. Lord’s blessings on each of you.

  7. love Rudys playing the guiter; in his own way…our Nick is taking guiter lessons, found his first instrument to try in school was the trombone……not only were his arms not long enough(he is small, now 12 yrs. old) but he did not have the wind……yes, he learned on his own…. prayers to All…Nick’s Grandma

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