We LOVE Nurses!!!

It’s Nurse Appreciation Week and if there’s one thing we’ve become very grateful for it’s good nurses.  Of course, we’re still moved at the incredible team at UCLA that fought alongside Rudy during those first seven months (and we never get tired of going here and watching the second slideshow to be reminded of so many of them).

With the amount of coordination we need to do between about a dozen doctors, insurance, medical suppliers, labs and the like, it’s amazing how much things can be furthered by a good nurse.  The kind that love Rudy, know the complexity of his condition, are able to stay organized and doggedly persistent when the necessary approvals don’t seem to be forthcoming in the time we need them.  We’re so grateful for Elaine at Dr. Pornchai’s office (who remains friendly and upbeat despite the number of times she has had to communicate with crApria to track down various shipments of medical equipment) and Melody at Dr. Abbott’s (who, as our primary care provider, manages an incredible amount of documentation and is always quick to return our calls for all kinds of inquiries).

But we especially appreciate the home health nurses who come take care of Rudy in our home.

There’s Dodi, who brings her bubbly cheer two afternoons a week so Trish can have some “free” time.

She's been coming since Rudy was just a little squirt!

Then there are the amazing angels who come two or three nights a week to keep an eye on Rudy all night while we sleep.  It still amazes me that there are people who come to our house at 11pm and tell us to go get some rest, but especially in the wake of all the upheaval these last two weeks, we’re extremely grateful that they do.

Waking up with Nurse Evelyn
Sunrise and smiles with Nurse Gina!

This group of ladies is a godsend to our family not just because of the practical care they give Rudy, but for the way they’ve become a part of our family.  So, in the spirit of Nurse Appreciation Week, we certainly do!

Thanks to these and so many more dedicated nurses who have given Rudy the life he has!

8 thoughts on “We LOVE Nurses!!!

  1. It’s wonderful to see those angels who come to relieve you for a few hours. May God richly bless them for their service to your family!

  2. I was so relieved to read that you have night nurse/angles!! I can’t imagine your having to sleep with one ear open….Will pray that Rudy is feeling more cheerful despite the Keppra and that you have a relaxing weekend…..

  3. These photos continue to inspire me, as it is so evident of the impact Rudy and both of you, have had on not just the Nurses, and Doctors, but probably thousands of people who are living this with you. Having not endured it ourselves, we can never truly understand the exhaustion, fear and dis-appointments you’ve experienced. And yet, we see the most loving, committed family take this challenge and show the World, God is their helm. You are spreading your light to everyone and we love you all for it.

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