Make Way for Ducklings!

As Rolf and the boys headed out of the cul-de-sac Wednesday afternoon, they spotted a mama duck and her ducklings making their way toward Lake Los Carneros across our neighbors lawn.  The boys brought the family of ducks  to Olivia’s attention who was playing nearby and Livy was so taken by the sight that she left her electric scooter behind on the corner to help escort those adorable ducklings safely to the lake!  Neighbor Jannele joined the escort detail and she & Olivia even stopped traffic on La Patera Lane to insure they’d reach their destination safely.  So fun!!!  Livy was over the moon as she relayed the whole experience to me and eager to print the pictures Jannele took with her camera phone…(oh, and she did get her scooter back…Jannele found it sitting on the corner where Livy left it and kindly brought it back for her.)

Hoppin' off the curb to catch up with Mama...



Stickin' together across the street...




   Rudy didn’t get to experience the duck parade in person as he fell asleep within minutes of getting home from L.A.  but word on the street is this family of ducks gets around quite a bit so maybe he’ll see them on another one of their excursions.  🙂

Ironically, we saw another family of “Ducklings” at church on Sunday.  Pastor Jake and his wife Laura asked Max and Livy to do a skit with them to illustrate the sermon lesson…a look at the “perfect family” and a “real family”.  So, the Duckworths and the Geylings joined forces to create the Duckling Family…it was cute.  ‘Thought you might enjoy it too.  The video is 4 minutes long so it will take a while to buffer…be patient.  Ha Ha

Rudy continues to struggle with a junky trach due to a bad cold and he has slept long stretches each day since returning home from L.A.  So, as he continues to recuperate, Rolf and I continue to follow up with Dr. Corazza and docs at UCLA by phone.   I spent some time on Friday researching the neurology terminology in Rudy’s latest diagnosis which helps us in compiling a list of follow-up questions.  Dr. Corazza wants to see Rudy again in 6 weeks and in the meantime, Iwould like to pay another visit to the opthalmologist Rudy saw last year.  Damage to the occipital lobe of the brain can cause loss of peripheral vision or depth perception which could explain some of the ways Rudy compensates in his therapy.  I’d like to follow up with him with this new information and dig a little deeper to determine whether or not there is any vision impairment.  There is certainly a list of things we want to follow-up on but thankfully none of it is critical at this point. We can take our time and continue to work through the details thoughtfully.  Although Rudy is more tired than usual and obviously uncomfortable due to his cold, he is smiling and happy at home.  Thank you for your continued prayers…you are a blessing to our family!

7 thoughts on “Make Way for Ducklings!

  1. Ducklings…cute. Duckworth’s….CUTE!!

    Hey Trish, you will recall that Dad’s tumor, which was discovered because of his vision problems was in the left occipital lobe. Not that that provides any meaningful information for you as you investigate Rudy’s condition, but I thought it was an interesting piece of family medical trivia.

  2. Livi helping the ducklings was so cute! The video was adorable too! Hope your list starts shrinking!

  3. Oh so cute! Yay Livi for saving the duck family! And nice to see the “Duckling” family again! I’m so dense, I never got the Duck+ling joke the first time. I’m so glad you posted it, I can share it with others who missed it!

  4. thanks for sharing, sometimes it would be easier if we were all ducks……..prayers to all…Nick’s Grandma

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