At Cottage ER

Rudy had a 30 minute episode of focal motor seizures at 9:30pm. Wilson brought it to our attention that he was drooling and twitching on the left side of his mouth. Our nurse-neighbor-friend Tera came over and came with us to Cottage. Rudy was very distressed at first but is tuckered out after getting stuck for labs and Xrays. We’re waiting for a cat scan and communicating with UCLA about transport (less likely now than on our arrival). This is a new occurrence (to our knowledge) so lots of questions right now but glad things aren’t as scary as when we got here. Appreciate your prayers. Updates when we have them.

4 thoughts on “At Cottage ER

  1. Just got home and didn’t see your car. Thank you for posting this. Bless Tera for being there. So scary to see. Am praying for comfort. Send me a txt if anything needs to be taken care of. James has the morning shift today, you can call the house as well. One foot in front of the other….

  2. Prayers the little warrior is stabilizing and comfort for you and Rolf and family while you await procedures and get results.

  3. I’m standin by–so sad this has happened. Rudy needs a break AND SO DOES YOUR FAMILY! I know it is upsetting for all of you.
    Fervent prayers from here, Love you so much…

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