Two Years…

It’s hard to figure out what the most memorable day of Rudy’s journey has been for us.  We’ll never forget the adrenaline of his birthday (10/1) or the anxiety of his Norwood Day (10/6), but there’s nothing like the elation we felt on April 7, 2009 when we finally made it out of the hospital on a rainy un-spring-like day like today.  It’s hard to imagine that was two years ago, and sometimes it even gets difficult to recall the seven months he battled to get out of that hospital–but not enough that we start to take life with Rudy at home for granted.

We’ve already read through the posts from that week and watched the slideshow of that incredible day a few times and probably will a few more.  When we left the hospital, the team hoped that we would be able stay away for six weeks before needing to come back for the Glenn procedure.  Rudy showed his trademark disregard for anyone else’s timeline–we were back in two weeks (but not for the Glenn–we still haven’t had that).

Rudy reliving the big day

Not much has turned out like we thought it would, which carries its share of heartbreak.  But there’s also much cause for rejoicing.  The delicate little kid with the stringy curls and battle scars who fought his way home is a far cry from the happy, robust and squirmy boy we have today.  His bewildered stare has turned into a smile for everyone he meets–there are times where he just seems to exude love and joy from every pore.  It’s been a journey of concern and anguish, but also richness and beauty like we never imagined; and we’ve drank deeply from that these last two years.

I much prefer life at home!

16 thoughts on “Two Years…

  1. I remember your big day too. Wow hard to believe it has been two years. Hugs, kisses and on going prayers.

  2. Thank you so much Lord, for this boy and his family! Two years – how is that even possible?? Such tender, poignant stuff, Rolf – thank you for this memory and for these sweet pictures. It is a privilege – an absolute privilege- to know you all, most especially the big man himself – joyful, life-filled, life-giving Rudy. Oh my.

  3. Love that smile! Good bye-bye wave too, Rudy.
    Now throw a kiss and reach out and grab the one I am blowing your way right now.

  4. love the special smiling boy!! what a joy you are to so many amid the heart ache.
    Blessings to all

  5. Rudy, you are a true blessing and inspiration, not to mention a cute little hottie!!! Remember, when they make a movie about you, don’t forget all the little people!! LOL!

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