Max The Diplomat

Max impressed us this past week with a couple of bold moves on Rudy’s behalf that left us wondering if he’ll run for office one day.  🙂

The first occured the last day of school before spring break.  It was the last Friday of the month and, therefore, award assembly day at the elementary school.  I was notified earlier in the week that Olivia was going to win the character award for her class (Yea Livy!) and so I made sure I was there to cheer her on.  I was also pleased to go to watch Max perform one of his acts as Student Council President – passing out the awards along with the school Principal and SC Vice President.  The monthly award assembly is not something I generally attend as there is ALOT of applause as well as celebratory cheers and Rudy is not only hyper-sensitive to the sound of applause but he can get himself so worked up that he goes into respiratory distress.  Sure enough…as the first awards were handed out and the applause began, Rudy’s face turned red, the tears started to flow and his deep, panicked cries rang out loud and clear.  I immediately stood up and began to gather our things preparing to make our escape out the back door when Max approached Mrs. Santiago on stage and asked if he could address the school.  She quickly stood to the side and gave Max access to the mic.  He then told the room full of students and faculty that his baby brother was in the audience, he pointed Rudy out, proceeded to explain that Rudy doesn’t tolerate applause and asked if everyone would sign the ASL sign for “deaf applause” instead which consists of holding your hands in the air and twisting them back and forth a couple of times.  I was blown away by Max’s quick thinking and confidence to follow through with his instinct!!!  I was also touched that Mrs. Santiago trusted Max enough to give him the mic without asking him first what he wanted to say!!!  And how sweet of the school community to comply and wave their “flying fingers” for Rudy’s comfort!!!  Rudy’s response was swift…he calmed down and although he was still physically shaken, we were able to stay seated for the entire assembly and all the vigorous (but thankfully not thunderous) applause!!!-Thanks Max

The second occured today when we had a Santa Barbara moment and just happened to run into Rob Lowe at one of our favorite local taquerias.  Although a ton of celebrities live in our community, we don’t generally frequent the same establishments so this sighting was a big deal.   Being a “brat pack” fan in my youth, I was pretty giddy and wanted to get a picture of Rob with Rudy but was too shy to ask.  Before I knew it, Max walked right up to him as he and his party left the restaurant, said “hi”, shook his hand and asked if he would come take a picture with his baby brother.  No inhibitions…so confident!  Rob Lowe couldn’t have been sweeter…he came right over, got down on Rudy’s level, gave us time for just the right shot and took interest in the big sibs too.  Rob, if you google yourself and happen upon this post, THANK YOU for being so kind to our little superstar!!  And thank you Max for going for it and making things happen!

"Hi Mr. Lowe"
...He looks nice...
They're both pretty dreamy!
Please put in a good word for Max with President Bartlett!!

29 thoughts on “Max The Diplomat

  1. I love both of Max’s bold moves this week! Great kids you have there! I wouldn’t mind meeting Rob Lowe either. Hugs!

  2. You’ve got some great kids!! 🙂 Just praying for Rudy tonight. Madeleine was thankful that “Rudy is growing up well”. We love you guys. Thank you for sharing your ups and downs with us. You are always in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. Yay Max! I love his proactive spirit! I love the pics…I’m sending my love to all the Geylings!

  4. What amazing kids you have!!! I’m continually impressed with what awesome big siblings your kids are to Rudy.

  5. Very very cool! Way to go Max. Rob Lowe looks very good…one of my young crushes too. So glad he was nice to the family. 🙂

  6. Trish I can’t believe you’re THAT CLOSE to a brat packer!!!! I’m in super awe! I just saw Mr. Lowe on the cover of Vanity Fair and he is aging gracefuly…drool, slobber.
    Ha ha! I think Rudy looks a lot like Rob actually…maybe he’ll be an actor!

    Max rules!

    Hugs to you friend!

  7. Kudos Max!!!! I am so proud of how you have taken the lead and taken your leadership responsibilities seriously and not just at school, but out in the community!! God has an awesome plan for you as a leader and He has placed you, and your older siblings, as leaders for and on behalf of your little brother Rudy. You all are great and I send you my ASL applauds {{{^^^^>}}} {{{<^^^^}}} (notice the 4 fingers and 1 thumb on each hand?) Blessings, Maria 🙂

  8. Justin and I both read this story about Max standing up for his baby brother, and we are beyond impressed. You guys have done a wonderful job with your children. We know you must be so proud!
    And so cool about Rob Lowe. Did he know that he had the privilege of taking a picture with Rudy the Celebrity? =)
    We love you guys!

  9. We missed you, Trish, in SD, but of course we knew you had an adventure in the making in SB! That looks like Freebirds in Isla Vista which I’ll take credit for introducing you to if it is! I’m glad Rob Lowe’s alive in real life though he died on the show I used to watch him on!! So fun!

  10. Great job Max, what a leader you are, and such a special big Brother.
    Glad you all had a good spring break.

  11. That is so awesome that Max had the courage to do those things. I would have never been able to do anything like either of those things. Aunt Trish, I don’t know who he is, but out of what my parents have told me, meeting Robert Lowe must be awwesome like mess!!!

  12. I’m glad you had some happy surprises this weekend….we missed you at the WI reunion! Woah Max…..what a leader!!!

  13. Yay Max! Truly a servant leader.
    And who knew you could see famous people like Rudy Geyling at Freebirds! I’m going to hang out there more often!

  14. I think I will be voting for Max for President one of these days. Leadership, courage, quick thinking, bold, and compassionate – kudos Max!!!

  15. This story made my day and also checks off another celebrity visit to add to Rudy’s story. ALL of you bring much fun and beauty to the lives of others.

    Dear God, Rudy needs a miracle healing…this is a plea. We all know the blessing he is and know a healing by You will be to your glory and honor.

  16. Okay Trish, which one is Rudy and which one is Rob Lowe! What a neat
    thing for Max to do. I can only imagine your heart about stopped when Rob started your direction!! When do we donate to Max’s campaign fund?
    Blessings to you all,

  17. Wow! I bet Rob and Rudy have had about the same amount of “work” done, because they are both smokin’ hot!

    Go Max… I LOVE the applause story. VERY heartwarming! What bigs hearts those Geylings have!

  18. So the class looks up in a hushed silence “Zambrano is crying!”

    Great story Rolf, thanks for sharing – summer is coming and we’ll be up there soon.

  19. Very cool Max!! So much class. Also cool of Rob Lowe, especially in today’s era of stuck up you-know-whats!!! Nice to see that! Max, you rock!

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